Kenzie Academy is a new tech apprenticeship school that is fully devoted to student outcomes. We have designed a comprehensive program that provides the apprenticeship, network, and experience to help our students succeed in their careers, so they can go on to create the future!




Kenzie Academy addresses the gap between four-year universities and short term coding bootcamps.

As advancement in tech continues to accelerate, traditional universities are struggling to keep up with the latest programming technologies and training for emerging tech jobs. Coding bootcamps aim to tackle the skills gap by providing short-term accelerated learning, typically in 6-12 weeks. While this training is valuable for students with prior technical knowledge or experience, these short term programs often produce graduates who are not yet ready to fill employers' stringent demands. Companies are expected to shoulder the burden of further investment in training and mentorship before bootcamp graduates become fully productive employees.

At Kenzie, we believe two-year programs are better at preparing graduates for the job market. Our apprenticeship model pairs students with experienced technologists, working on real-world projects, enabling students to learn faster as compared to traditional university education.
— Chok Ooi, Co-Founder & CEO

Kenzie Academy's focus on ”power skills“ prepares students to become future tech leaders. Our exclusive network of mentors—from Facebook, Google, MongoDB and other tech companies—allows our students to network & learn from the very best of the tech industry.

We train students employers actually want to hire



We train students for today's high-demand tech jobs while building the foundation for continuous learning and growth. Our accelerated programs teach modern tools and paradigms while also covering the most important theoretical concepts. Our curriculum is adaptable to emerging tech trends, and you will be learning skills that are directly applicable to market needs.


Students learn best by building and solving real-world problems. And employers love to see actual products that students have the capacity to build. You will go home every day having built something new. How many people can say that? That is incredible! 




Our students have exclusive access to meet and network with local and national tech leaders. Get inspired by, and learn directly from, people who are succeeding in tech jobs. Students have opportunities for one-on-one mentorship with a local or remote mentor. Kenzie students and alumni also belong to a special lifelong network that will continue to support you throughout your career.


Two-year students spend their second year in our apprenticeship program. Students who participate have the opportunity to work on real-world consulting projects. They'll learn and master the craft under the guidance of a senior technologist. This real-world experience gives students an edge over other entry-level developers. 

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To create well-rounded technologists, our curriculum incorporates crucial 21st century workplace skills:

  • design thinking;

  • higher order empathy;

  • mental agility; and

  • emotional intelligence


Kenzie instructors, leadership, mentors and volunteers are all advocates for our students and assist with job placements upon program completion. 

Employers cover a portion of the total tuition cost, so our incentives are heavily aligned with student outcomes and long-term career successes

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