What is UX Engineering?

By Travis Herring, Senior Community Manager
April 02, 2018


One question we often hear from prospective students is “What the heck is UX Engineering?” In fact, even those who are immersed in the day-to-day world of tech might struggle to understand precisely what UX Engineering is.  

UX is short for “User Experience.” While “engineering” involves the design, building, and use of machines and structures (in case you needed a refresher), a UX engineer’s primary goal is to design and develop products that are practical, easy to use, and solve problems. Most importantly, UX Engineers are advocates for the consumers using their product.

Have you ever noticed that the BEST applications—the ones in the app store’s Top 10—are always the most practical and solve a common problem? You can thank UX Engineers for that. Rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft are good examples. Not only are they intuitive transportation solutions, they’re designed so new users learn how to use the app easily within a matter of minutes.

Am I a Good Candidate for UX Engineering?

Many folks who become UX Engineers consider themselves creative, more “right-brained” people—which absolutely makes sense! Being a successful UX Engineer requires solving tricky problems and empathizing with how users feel when they interact with technology. Here are some of the personalities likely to succeed in UX Engineering as a career path:

  • Someone who uses numerous different mobile apps on a daily basis and who is immersed in the latest technology.

  • A designer wanting to turn their creations into functional, practical applications for users to enjoy.

  • Service workers—waiters, bartenders, cashiers, support—or anyone who enjoys understanding customer needs and desires.  

Meet a UX Engineer

Mya Williams and her “little sister” Georgie.

Mya Williams and her “little sister” Georgie.

Meet Mya Williams. She recently graduated from our UX Engineering program and accepted a full-time job offer with Indianapolis-based digital studio, Crafted.

When Mya joined the UX Engineering program, she had actually transferred over from the Software Engineering program after realizing she wanted to flex her creative muscles.

“I chose UX Engineering because I get to use both my left and right brain to impact lives,” Mya said. “I have the ability to create beautiful and inspiring mobile and web interfaces (UX) and write functional code behind it.”

If you’re interested in a UX Engineering career, here are a few ways you can get started:

  1. Sign up for Kenzie Free - Curious to know if coding is right for you? Kenzie Free is a new series of online mini-courses designed to help anyone and everyone try coding. Sign up here!

  2. Download the UX Engineering Syllabus - Get a glimpse at what you could learn in Kenzie’s UX Engineering program. Download the syllabus here.

  3. Apply Now! - Apply for the UX Engineering Program here at Kenzie Academy.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out!

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Travis Herring is a Senior Community Manager at Kenzie Academy. After graduating from the Ball State with a degree in Entrepreneurial Management and running several startups himself, he spent his early career connecting entrepreneurs and startups to one another to help them grow and scale. Travis now enjoys doing the same for our students as they pursue careers in tech and navigate opportunities. You can connect with Travis on Instagram or LinkedIn.