User Experience Engineering

User Experience (UX) Engineers exercise both sides of their brain to balance user-driven design with front-end coding. They are advocates for consumers using their product empathizing with users’ feelings when interacting with technology.

As a student, you’ll research and design websites and applications with the guidance of industry practitioners. This program is ideal for creative people who also enjoy critical thinking.

The average salary of Kenzie graduates is $55-$90k, and the majority of our students land a job offer before graduation. Our national network of employer partners assists with job placement and advises our curriculum so students are equipped with the skills needed to get hired.

Graduates are prepared to work as UX Engineers, UX/UI Designers, and Mobile App Developers - positions CNN has listed in the Top 100 careers in the U.S. Kenzie is a college alternative - more practical and in-depth than a bootcamp, shorter and more focused on job placement than a traditional university.

Pay your bills while enrolled at Kenzie. Our students have the opportunity to apply for a remote, part-time tech support job that fits around their class schedule.

Kenzie immerses you in a project-based curriculum, giving you time to absorb the material and apply it in real-life situations (unlike a bootcamp). You’ll form a lasting network made up of classmates, expert instructors, and Kenzie’s employer partners.

Whether remote or on-campus, you’ll always be connected to your instructors and classmates as part of the Kenzie community. Remote students enjoy the same level of project collaboration and instructor guidance as students on-campus. Plus, we all have a great time together, like at our Final Fridays.

JavaScript is a powerful technology that adds life (called behavior) to web pages. In this introductory course, you will learn JavaScript fundamentals, the DOM and functions, and how to add behavior to your project through forms and elements. If you do not have any experience in coding, it is highly recommended that you take our Intro to HTML and CSS mini-course. Learn More

Program Breakdowns

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A curriculum designed by industry practitioners and advised by our employer partners. UX students study UX Design and Front-End Development.
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Anyone driven, with critical thinking skills and a good attitude. We determine admission through a series of interviews and look for applicants seeking a brighter future for themselves. We do not look at test scores or transcripts.
Online anywhere in the U.S. or On-Campus in Indianapolis.
Monday to Friday, 9am to 3pm. You can choose to enroll in either the EST or PST time zone for the remote program. Remote program is not self-paced, must participate during program hours.
New cohorts launch every January, April, July, and October. The next cohort begins on January 28th, 2020.
How Much?

Pay Up-front


Payment Plan


Income Share (ISA)


$100 (commitment fee) + 13% income for 4 years.

Pay Up-front


Payment Plan


Income Share (ISA)


$100 (commitment fee) + 13% income for 2 years.

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Our Instructors


Stan Rosenthal

Head of UX

Stan has designed products at LinkedIn and with numerous startups spanning government, labor, finance, and healthcare. He splits his time between Indianapolis and his hometown, New Orleans. Stan started designing websites during the 2005 levee failures when he co-founded and brought the satirical Levee newspaper online. He has been recognized for his philanthropic work by The New York Times and numerous local organizations.


Justine Tiu

Senior UX Designer, Google

During her 7 years at Google, Justine designed consumer, education, and enterprise products. She most recently worked on creating new products in the VR/AR space. Previously, she led and managed the design teams of Google Classroom and Forms. She lives in Brooklyn, and is passionate about problem-solving, crafting, and trying new things.


Gabe Wright

UX Instructor

Gabe is a UX Developer with a background in branding, web design, and frontend development. Before transitioning full-time at Kenzie, he worked on many of Indy’s local business web projects. He loves anything to do with technology and innovation. When not working, he enjoys food, music, backpacking, and traveling.


Stuart Norrie

Senior Product Designer at Envoy

Stuart is a product designer living in Oakland, California. Stuart has been a designer for over 10 years and worked for companies like LinkedIn, Strava, Facebook and many more. Stuart is a huge fan of design, comics, video games and hiking in the Oakland hills with his dog Oliver. Stuart earned a Bachelor of Arts in photography at Brooks Institute of Photography and a Masters in interaction design at AAU.


Adam Huston

UX Facilitator

Adam is a UX Designer from Central Indiana. Prior to Kenzie Academy, Adam freelanced in Indianapolis and Chicago with startups, agencies, non-profits, and more. As a former bike messenger, Adam is intimately familiar with Indianapolis’s downtown area and loves sitting outside with coffee, a camera, and a bike.


Wendy Pei

Senior Product Designer, Microsoft

Wendy arrived at UX design by way of customer service—her passion comes from a desire to solve problems rather than just apologizing for them. She strongly believes the key to being a successful designer is to have varied life experiences to inspire one's ability to empathize on all levels. At Microsoft, she designs Outlook and leads a multitude of diversity and inclusion efforts. Outside of work, she creates music, hikes trails, and snuggles cats. She goes by she/her/hers as well as they/them/their pronouns.


Ryan Robinson

UX Facilitator

Over the last 10 years, Ryan Robinson has excelled as both a freelance and staff UI/UX designer. Ryan's affable personality, sharply creative mind, and diligent approach to his work has earned him the trust of landmark clients such as Ralph Lauren, Bioness, and L'Oreal. In addition to his role as a facilitator and mentor for Kenzie, Ryan has continued his freelance UI/UX design work for large software systems for multiple clients projects. Ryan lives in New Orleans, Louisiana and has a background in advertising and video production. He is a former touring musician and a current nerd. He enjoys playing board games, writing and playing music, and bottles his own hot sauce. He hopes to one day manage a design firm and to also own a pet Ewok.


Hayden Mills

Product Designer, Relay

Hayden has worked for startups, non-profits, and design agencies all the way up to large tech companies like Shopify. He has a masters in Human-Computer Interaction from Indiana University. He runs a handful of side projects like FontPair, a typography tool that helps creators pair fonts together. He lives in Indianapolis with his wife Sydney and is passionate about helping future designers in Indy find their place in tech.