User Experience Designer and Front-End Web Developer (Career Track)

12 months

Photo by LDProd/iStock / Getty Images


Graduates of this program will have the skills needed to be an entry-level User Experience (UX) Designer, a Front-End Web Developer or be in a unique position to fill both roles.

A UX Designer's role is directly involved in the process of making a product useful, usable and enjoyable for its users. A Front-End Web Developer produces HTML, CSS and JavaScript for a website or web application so that users can see and interact with them directly.

A combination of both UX design and front-end development skills is highly sought after by employers. A UX designer who understands front-end development will be able to design flows and applications that are more efficient. A front-end developer with UX skills will be able to build better front-end applications, and can contribute towards improving the UX of applications without depending on another UX designer. 

Through the program, students create a portfolio of individual and team projects that can be shown to future, potential employers. Students also learn to communicate effectively in an interview and professional setting.