Team Kenzie


Chok Leang Ooi 


Co-Founder & CEO


Courtney Spence 


Co-Founder & CMO


Rehan Hasan 


Co-Founder & COO


Mike Cammarano 




Head of Curriculum

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Emily Wattman-Turner

VP Operations

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Erika Kotterer

Community Manager

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Edwin Marshall

Senior Instructor / Tech Lead


Stan Rosenthal 


Head of UX Program


David Gregg 


Associate Instructor


Alyssa Miller 

Administrative Assistant


Danica Tiu

Head of Digital Marketing Program


Justine Tiu

Senior Instructor, UX Program


Software Developers / Coaches


Brooklynn Moor

What were you doing before this?
My path to Kenzie started from a background in communications and marketing. I graduated from IUPUI in 2014 and worked as a Client Service Specialist/Account Manager for TrendyMinds marketing firm. In my previous role I was mainly a project manager/account manager and content writer for a variety of web projects and worked side by side with our in-house web development, video, design and digital marketing teams.

What made you interested in Web Development?
I have a passion for communication, community building and finding ways to make things easier for people and making positive world changes overall. I saw the technical revolution changing the ways we communicate with one another and I wanted to be a part of that. So I decided to make the change to learn to code and advance my skillset for the future.

Why Kenzie?
I made the choice to join the Kenzie team because I felt my values were in line with what Kenzie was seeking to do for the Indianapolis community. I believe that mentorship is important for really any aspect of life and especially when learning web development. At Kenzie, I’m able to scale up to become a software engineer and work on real client projects as well as mentor, promote and seek out those wanting to make a similar life change to learn web development, which is awesome! 


Sam Kane

What were you doing before this?
Before this, I attended the Kelley School of Business down in Bloomington, IN to earn a degree in Marketing. While in college, I also learned programming through classes offered by the university and with online resources.

What made you interested in Web Development?
I have always had the desire to create things, but never found my specific “creative outlet” (since I have no talent for drawing or painting). Web Development lets me create entire “worlds” using logic and language rather than strokes on a page. That feels really good to me.

Why Kenzie?
I have spent time learning to code through the university, on my own, and through a twelve-week intensive bootcamp. These have all been incredibly beneficial and important milestones on my journey to becoming a Master Coder, but there is still a long way to go. Kenzie has offered me the perfect opportunity to continue my learning in a supportive yet challenging environment.



What were you doing before this?
Before this, I graduate from Purdue University with a degree in Sales and Entrepreneurship. Over the next three years, I had gained valuable sales experience working in inside sales, account management, and most recently outside sales for a datacenter consulting firm. 

What made you interested in Web Development?
Fulfillment. I learned a lot in my sales experience, but I was not being challenged. I was not able to use my creativity to improve a company - finding myself just going through the motions everyday. When I was evaluating a change in career, I interviewed several developers to see what their day-to-day was like  - and they all took tremendous pride in what they do. They were building something everyday- I wanted that.

Why Kenzie?
The team, mission and vision are aligned with creating and growing tech talent for Indianapolis. The culture is built on celebrating small victories and sharing all losses. Having the ability to learn in an environment like this, opens doors that I did not even know existed.


What were you doing before this?
I had started my educational journey in 2011 when I was admitted into IUPUI in their School of Informatics.  I graduated with my Bachelors in 2015 and went on to work for a  tech company as an Office Manager/ IT Technician.

What made you interested in Web Development?
I was interested in web development because I wanted to be part of a team that created the solutions to the problems tech companies face everyday.  Coding is the job of the future and I want to keep up with this revolution.

Why Kenzie?
I chose Kenzie because I saw how much they valued training talent to succeed in the modern workforce.  We are learning the processes tech companies are using everyday to create their products.