The skills I am learning at Kenzie Academy will be directly applicable to the job I will have in the future
— Jake Berg, Software Engineering Student

The Kenzie Family Pledge

Kenzie is designed by people for people. Every student admitted to Kenzie is treated as family, and we don't let family down. Our instructors do NO research and have NO tenure and their sole focus is on the success of each student. We have a simple rule at Kenzie. As long as you show up for school on time and consistently, our team will provide individual attention to make sure you master all competencies of the program. We are building a new college alternative that is fully accountable to the long-term successful outcome of our students.

Mya Williams was a school teacher and was inspired to pursue a career in STEM by her mom, who was a software developer. Mya plans to become a software developer herself so she could in turn inspire and coach her students to pursue a career in STEM and software engineering.

Learn about the diverse background of Kenzie students and how they are transforming their lives at Kenzie Academy

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Kenzie Students with artist MC Hammer

Kenzie Students with artist MC Hammer