The Software Engineer program equips students with technical, problem solving, and social / power skills to thrive in an agile business setting. 

Graduates of this program will have a comprehensive education in software engineering, an established track record of work experience consulting for remote teams, and the skills needed to work as a Software Engineer.

The Software Engineer track is designed to train our students to become skilled coders, while also equipping them with core computer science concepts, critical for advancement towards senior roles. The foundation of our curriculum includes learning the necessary coding skills as well as a sufficient understanding of how computers and systems work in order to architect, build, and maintain complex applications.

The primary languages Kenzie Academy teaches are HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL, Python, and (in year 2) Java or C#. The choice of languages and technologies is shaped by the current needs of employers.

Next Indianapolis Campus Cohort Starts: October 9, 2018

Online Cohort Starts: October 9, 2018

2019 Cohort: January 14th 

Program Structure


Front-End Web Developer

First 6 months

Prepares students to develop modern front-end web applications in an Agile business setting.

Available as a standalone course

Back-End Web Developer

second 6 months

Prepares students to develop back-end services and databases to support a modern web application in an Agile business setting.



    Consulting Projects

    year 2 (1-YeaR PAid Apprenticeship)

    Students who complete the Front-End and Back-end Web Developer courses have the opportunity to complete real-world consulting projects for clients.

    Software Engineer

    year 2 (1-year self-paced during apprenticeship)

    Students will learn the following skills in a self-paced program while participating full-time in the paid apprenticeship:

    • Advanced algorithms and data structures
    • Computer architecture
    • Memory hierarchy and its performance implications
    • Operating systems
    • Networking
    • Java or C#
    • Design patterns
    • Object Relational Mapping
    • Enterprise systems and architecture

    Meet the Instructors


    Mike earned a M.S in Computer Science from Stanford University. He was Director of Engineering at Playdom, which was acquired by Disney. Mike was CTO at a startup that was acquired by Dropbox. Mike worked at Dropbox as a Software Engineering, before joining Kenzie as Head of Curriculum and instructor.


    Edwin learn coding via the unconventional path. He started as Software Developer at DirectEmployers Association, and took the role of VP of Product at Clear Software. Edwin was a senior instructor at the Iron Yard, before joining Kenzie as Senior Instructor and Tech Lead for Kenzie Studios.



    David started hobby-coding in 1998, but worked in IT management before realizing he had far more fun coding. He joined The Iron Yard code school, as a student and then as an Associate Instructor, to fast-track a career shift. David joined Kenzie as Associate Instructor in 2018, is active in the Indy tech community, and speaks regularly at local tech events.