From Teacher to UX Engineer

“The Kenzie UX program has truly made me a better developer.”

  • New Job Title
    UX Designer
  • Employer
    Crafted, LLC
  • Salary
    60% Increase in Annual Income

Mya's Story

Mya was a middle school teacher who loved her students but needed a career shift. Her mother was a tech professional, but Mya had never really looked into the field for a role she might enjoy. Once she started researching the industry, she realized there were many ways she could help other people while enjoying a rewarding career.

Throughout the UX Engineering program, she learned how to conduct user research, think like a designer, and code like a front-end developer. On graduation day, Mya received her Kenzie certificate and then began her new job as a UX Designer at Crafted that afternoon.

“Since starting my job, I have been hyped up by my CEO for my code because it’s functional and accurate down to the pixel.”

Mya's Story
"I am super grateful for the whole UX curriculum."