Hamilton Young

From Traditional College Student to UX Designer

“The year I spent at Kenzie was a transformative experience.”

  • New Job Title
    UX/UI Designer
  • Employer
    Archon Tech Strategies
  • Salary
    45% Increase in Annual Income

Hamilton's Story

Hamilton had tried the traditional university and bootcamp paths but found they just weren’t a fit for his learning style or interests. Being lectured to wasn’t appealing, and trying to learn numerous new skills in a short period of time wasn’t effective for him. He wanted hands-on experience — to try things and see what he could do. He also wanted a place to explore tech and combine coding with design skills to solve problems.

As Hamilton looked for college alternative programs, he found Kenzie and felt challenged and inspired by the prospect of a community-driven, experiential curriculum. He joined the UX Engineering program to learn how to empathize with app users’ wants and needs as well as the front-end skills to build solutions. He’s now launching his tech career as a UX/UI Designer at Archon Tech Strategies.

“The program definitely had its hard and stressful moments, but those were always overshadowed by the successful triumphs and the overwhelming support.”

Hamilton's Story
"You struggle and succeed with your cohort and through that, they become more than just classmates, but friends and family."