Current tuition rates are partially subsidized for our January 2018, inaugural cohort 


Kenzie’s goal is to make our program accessible and affordable for all students, regardless of their financial background. 
We provide students with the following tuition and financing options:
(1) Full tuition (with option for custom payment plan)
(2) Half of tuition, combined with an Income Share Agreement (ISA)
(3) $1,000 tuition deposit, combined with an Income Share Agreement (ISA)

Program Costs & Payment Structure

At Kenzie, you can come to work and get paid to learn. 

Kenzie offers three, cumulative courses that give you the skills to be a Software Engineer. The total tuition cost for the two-year program is $20,000 for the January 2018 cohort. You’ll start earning while you learn after the first, six-month course. Each course is designed to give you employable skills by its completion. However, completing the full program will give you the highest salary gains.  

Courses Include: 
Year 1: Front-End Web Developer, 6-months, $12,000  
Year 1: Full-Stack Web Developer, 6-months, $8,000 (for first cohort)
Year 2: Software Engineer, one-year (no cost for first cohort)


Kenzie’s unique finance model monetizes as much as possible from future employers while giving you, our students, access to the lowest possible training price point.

After you complete the Front-End Web Developer program, you’ll start working on real-world consulting projects with Kenzie Studios, Kenzie’s consulting arm, and get paid a fair-market wage for your work, while continuing to learn. Consulting work lasts through year two, which has two benefits: 

You’ll graduate with real-world projects to show future employers
You’ll have been getting paid for 1.5 years while continuing to learn at Kenzie 

This consulting work will defray your tuition cost for the Full-Stack Web Developer and Software Engineer training programs. 

Payment Options

Income Share Agreements

Kenzie Academy Income Share Agreement (ISA)
Kenzie is committed to offering student-centric financing programs that enable our students to graduate without loan debt. We want all students, regardless of their financial background, to be able to access our program. 

For students completing the two-year Software Engineering Program, Kenzie offer’s Income ISAs to finance your education. In an ISA, you agree to pay a fixed percentage of your future earned income for a fixed period of time to Kenzie Academy. In exchange, you don’t have to pay the full cost of Kenzie tuition upfront. In short, Kenzie won’t get paid for your training until you’re in the workforce getting paid. 

We stand behind our program and believe you will land a well-paying job after program completion. If we’re wrong, and you earn below a certain wage, we won’t get fully paid for your training.

ISA’s are a pay it forward model. Your ISA payments will be used to enable other individuals in Indiana to go through the program in the future.  

What is the difference between an ISA and a Loan?
In a traditional student loan, a lender gives you money to pay the cost of tuition and expenses upfront. After you graduate, you are required to pay back the original loan, plus interest. Payments can span years, until the principle is completely paid off. 
With an ISA, you commit to pay for the education you receive at Kenzie in the future, once you have a salary, as a set percentage of your earned income over a set period of time. You won’t graduate Kenzie with loan debt. 

Kenzie ISA Terms: 

  • OPTION 1 (FULL ISA): $1,000 upfront tuition. Remainder of the tuition is covered by a 17.5% ISA for 3 years
  • OPTION 2 (HALF ISA): $10,000 tuition (custom payment plan available for upfront tuition costs). Remainder of the tuition is covered by a 17.5% ISA for 2 years

For more information, you can review the Kenzie ISA FAQ page.

Payments Plans

In a Kenzie custom payment plan, you’ll pay your total tuition cost overtime, through a monthly payment schedule. We’d love to talk to you about your needs and come up with a custom solution that works for you! 

Tuition Comparison


average 3-month tuition:


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3-month tuition equivalent:




If you have questions about the cost of the program or payment options, please reach out to us here