Kenzie Academy announces $300,000 in scholarships for Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) Indiana students and alumni

Innovative Indianapolis-based tech academy allows grads entry into digital economy.


INDIANAPOLIS, February 7, 2019 – Kenzie Academy, a cutting-edge tech apprenticeship and coding school that focuses on accelerated, project-based learning, today announced it would partner with Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) Indiana to grant $300,000 in scholarships to the program’s current high school seniors and recent alumni statewide. The scholarships will give JAG Indiana seniors and alumni an opportunity to gain the skills and mindset needed to launch careers in Indiana’s most in-demand tech fields for a significantly reduced tuition rate.    


The scholarship program, open to JAG students across Indiana, was formally announced at Marion County’s Regional JAG Career Development Conference, an event organized as an opportunity for JAG students to demonstrate their employability skills and earn financial awards to support them in their academic and career goals.


“Indiana’s future economy depends on preparing graduates today for the jobs of tomorrow,” said Chok Ooi, co-founder and CEO of the Kenzie Academy.  “We are honored to invest in JAG’s mission to help Indiana’s young people of great promise succeed. By marrying Kenzie’s training with the foundational skills learned through JAG, a program backed by 38-years of research with a 95% high school graduation rate, Hoosier students will have the opportunity to become top tech talent and drive the economy forward.”

“Connecting residents to high-paying and fulfilling careers in in-demand fields is a top priority for EmployIndy,” said Erika Cheney, In-school Youth Director at EmployIndy, which administers the JAG program in Marion County. “Unique programs like the ones offered by Kenzie Academy are impactful because of the way they combine skills and work, producing talent that is ready to make a difference for local employers.”


For JAG high school seniors graduating in the 2018-2019 academic year, Kenzie is offering twenty $10,000 scholarships for the July or September 2019 cohorts.  For individuals who previously participated in the JAG program and graduated high school in the last ten years, Kenzie will offer twenty $5,000 scholarships for each of the 2019 April, July, or September cohorts.  Scholarships will count towards the $24,000 tuition for Kenzie’s one to two-year programs.


All scholarship winners will also be eligible to participate in Kenzie’s innovative Income Share Agreement (ISA) program, which enables students to finance the rest of their tuition by agreeing to pay a fixed percentage of future earned income for a fixed period. If using an ISA, students can start at Kenzie for only $100 upfront. Students can also participate in an exclusive Kenzie & Kelly Services “Earn & Learn” program that gives students access to flexible, part-time, at-home tech support jobs that both pay a starting wage of $13 an hour and give them relevant skills for the tech workplace.


“Kenzie Academy is redesigning higher education work for students,” said Ooi. “We are thrilled to work with JAG Indiana to level the playing field for students from all backgrounds.”  


Individuals interested in applying for a scholarship can visit or text “JAG” to 797979. To learn more about Kenzie Academy, visit


About Kenzie Academy 

Kenzie Academy is building a modern-day force for tech, armed with the skills and expertise employers want to hire. Through immersive learning and a cutting-edge curriculum adapted in real time by industry professionals, Kenzie Academy delivers project-based training in person or online to prepare students with the skills and professional experience needed for high-demand tech jobs. Based in Indianapolis, Kenzie is paving the way for people from diverse backgrounds to access these opportunities by removing financial barriers and expediting the pathway to a meaningful career. For more information, visit

About Indiana Jobs for America’s Graduates

JAG is a state-based, national non-profit organization dedicated to assisting students with barriers to success by helping them overcome academic challenges in a path towards graduation. Students are taught up to 88 competencies such as critical thinking, team leadership and effective communications skills that increase their employability skills.  JAG Indiana is part of the JAG National network of 33 states and is funded through grants provided by the Indiana Department of Workforce Development. 

About JAG of Marion County

Within Marion County, JAG is administered by EmployIndy and has 19 programs at 14 high schools, serving 900 active participants. JAG ensures high school completion for students who have barriers to success through career preparation and employability skills training and also provides one year of adult mentoring after graduation so participants are on track toward promising careers. Since its inception, more than 5,300 Indy youth have participated in JAG with a graduation rate over 95%.

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