Program Description

Students have the option of attending Kenzie from the comfort of their home via our Online Remote Program. The current program is full-time from 9AM-5PM EST. Students are expected to spend at least 40 hours per week in combined in-class and out-of-class time.

Students will leverage technology such as video conferencing, Slack and other productivity tools to collaborate with instructors and members of their cohort. Online students will have equal access to instructors and coaches as our in-person cohorts. Online students also have campus privileges and can utilize our facilities for gatherings and team collaboration.

Students will receive a dedicated personal coach to monitor their progress and support them throughout the program.

Success Factor

Students participating in the Kenzie online program must commit to the 40-hour/week program minimum and participate in all program meetings, demos, group capstone, and group sessions. Students must be more proactive in collaborating with other cohort members and seeking help from instructors and mentors. This would allow students to gain the maximum benefit from the program and better prepare for their careers. Students with extensive life and work commitments would not be a fit for our full-time online program.

Program Cost & Financial Aid

The online program costs the same as the in-person cohorts, as students have equal access to live classes, instructors and personal coaches. Students committing to the full length of each program will also qualify for the Full- and Half ISA. Navigate to the programs below to learn more about individual program length, cost and payment options: