About Kenzie Academy

Kenzie Academy is a coding and design school in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our 6-month to 2-year program with 1-year paid apprenticeship is a new alternative to traditional colleges and short-term coding bootcamps. Students have the option of attending the program in person, or remotely via our Hybrid Program.

Kenzie Academy uses flipped classroom and project-based learning to train a new generation of designers and software developers. Come learn design from a Google designer and coding from a Stanford University Computer Science graduate. Our mission is train the best technologists and provide a pathway towards a rewarding career in tech.


Paid Apprenticeship

Two-year students spend their second year in our paid apprenticeship program, receiving an apprentice wage while working on real-world consulting projects. They'll learn and master the craft under the guidance of a senior technologist. This real-world experience gives students an edge over other entry-level developers.


Network Connections

Our students have exclusive access to meet and network with local and national tech leaders. Get inspired by, and learn directly from, people who are succeeding in tech jobs. Students have opportunities for one-on-one mentorship with a local or remote mentor. Kenzie students and alumni also belong to a special lifelong network that will continue to support you throughout your career.


Project-Based Learning

Students learn best by building and solving real-world problems. And employers love to see actual products that students have the capacity to build. You will go home every day having built something new. How many people can say that? That is incredible!


Student Forward Financial Model

Kenzie’s goal is to make our program accessible and affordable for all students, regardless of their financial background. Kenzie’s unique finance model monetizes as much as possible from future employers while giving you, our students, access to the lowest possible training price point—about half the monthly cost of a Bootcamp.