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Innovation Series: How to Prepare for the Changing Global Tech Economy

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What will the technology and venture capital landscape look like in five years? How about in 10 to 20 years? The data points to rapid change.

In “How the Geography of Startups and Innovation Is Changing,” Harvard Business Review shows how the U.S. has gone from receiving 95 percent of global investment money to half.

Meanwhile, as the U.S. faces a tech talent shortage, nations such as India will enjoy a surplus. That’s according to Korn Ferry’s “Future of Work: The Global Talent Crunch.”

What do these shifts mean for tech entrepreneurs and investors?

Help us find answers as we welcome Kamran Elahian, founder of Global Innovation Catalyst, for a LIVE podcast recording.

Karman Elahian
has blazed an inspiring trail as a global tech entrepreneur. He has co-founded 10 companies, resulting in 6 exits and 3 unicorns with a total market cap of more than $8 billion.

Now based in Palo Alto, Elahian focuses on helping governments around the world shift from economies based on fossil fuels to ones built upon sustainable innovation. A vision of global philanthropy underpins everything Elahian does, along with a conviction that technology can help dissolve barriers between nations and bridge differences among people.

It's happening on Tuesday, January 15th starting at 5:30 PM at Kenzie Academy.

Kamran Elahian   , Founder and Chairman of Global Innovation Catalyst

Kamran Elahian,
Founder and Chairman of Global Innovation Catalyst

Can you believe we’re coming up on 1 year since we launched our first cohort? We can’t either. We started with just 15 students and we are closing the year with a whopping 66! To celebrate, we invite all students, staff, partners, employers, and the Indianapolis community to come and celebrate you for making Kenzie possible.

In an effort to thank you for your continued support and dedication, we are excited to announce our first Annual Snow Ball. So please dust off your Holiday best, by best we actually mean worst, and mark your calendars for December 13th from 6-9pm. We strongly encourage you to arrive in that ugly Christmas sweater hiding in the back of your closet or that penguin onesie you wear when nobody is home.

You will get to hear from two amazing speakers, enjoy food, cocktails, games, cast your vote for the “worst’ holiday outfit, take a moment to look back at how far we’ve come, and how much we’ve grown!

In Silicon Valley, there are intimate speaker sessions hosted by top startup accelerators like, Y-Combinator. They bring together speakers including tech leaders such as Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Ben Silberman of Pinterest, and Joe Gebbia and Nate Blecharczyk of Airbnb.


Kenzie Academy is proud to bring the spirit of the Y-Combinator Tuesday Night Dinners to Indy, with our Kenzie Innovation Series. Our monthly series feature a high-caliber group of technologists from both Silicon Valley and Indiana. This intimate event is an opportunity for the Indy tech community, or anyone interested in tech to listen to talks on a range of topics, from design, entrepreneurship, to venture capital and funding. Participants will also get the opportunity to network with the speakers and the Indy tech community. This is also an opportunity for technologists from Silicon Valley to travel to and discover the talent and opportunities Indiana has to offer. Come join us for this exclusive event.

We are brining in the brightest and most talented innovators from the Valley to Indianapolis for a very intimate series.


Featured Speakers


Terry Jones

Founder and CEO of Travelocity,

Founding Chairman of Kayak.com

Terry Jones is the founder and former CEO of Travelocity, chairman of Kayak.com, CIO of Sabre Inc., and motivational speaker. A graduate of Denison University in Granville, Ohio, Jones entered the travel industry in 1971 as a travel agent with Vega Travel in Chicago. 


Dr. Bror Saxberg

Vice President, Learning Science

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

At Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Dr. Saxberg looks after how we apply learning science evidence and good evidence-gathering methods across the whole education ecosystem, to support improvements in learner success, especially for subgroups that have had the most challenges.


Michael Schubert

vp software engineering at pivotal


Chloe Condon

Developer Evangelist, Sentry

Former musical theatre actress and Hackbright Academy graduate, Chloe is now a Developer Evangelist at Sentry. Pre-Hackbright, she spent her nights and weekends performing in the Bay Area as a singer/actress and worked in tech by day in various non-engineering roles. Perhaps the only engineer you'll meet who has been in "Hairspray", "Xanadu", and "Jerry Springer: the Opera"- she is passionate about bringing people with non-traditional backgrounds into the world of tech. If you're trying to place her face, yes- she's the young woman giving the awkward thumbs up in the "What It's Like to be a Woman at a Tech Conference" article (which she also wrote). In February of 2018 she was named one of the "200+ Thought Leaders in Crypto and Blockchain" and still knows absolutely nothing about Crypto and Blockchain. Seriously- not a thing. She considers it her greatest accomplishment.


Mickey Bergman

US Negotiator with North Korea

VP Richardson Center for Global Engagement

Michael "Mickey" Bergman works in Fringe Diplomacy, a discipline exploring the space just beyond the boundaries of States and Governments’ capacity and authority in international relations. He is Vice President at Governor Richardson Center for Global Engagement; and Founder and President of Solel Strategic Group. Mickey also teaches at Georgetown University School of Foreign Service.

At the Richardson Center for Global Engagement, Mickey manages private diplomacy efforts in N. Korea, Cuba, Myanmar, Middle East, Africa and efforts to negotiate release of political prisoners. Mickey has published numerous articles and opinion pieces in the New York Times, Washington Post, International Herald Tribune, Boston Globe, Foreign Policy Online, and Huffington Post.

Kevin Khaw   Technical Program Manager, Google Nest

Kevin Khaw

Technical Program Manager, Google Nest

Eric Bahn   General Partner, Hustle Fund  EIR, 500 Startups  Product Manager, Facebook

Eric Bahn

General Partner, Hustle Fund

EIR, 500 Startups

Product Manager, Facebook

Alok Deshpande   Senior Manager, Apple  Chief Product Officer, Green Dot  Co-Founder, Loopt

Alok Deshpande

Senior Manager, Apple

Chief Product Officer, Green Dot

Co-Founder, Loopt

Vivek Agrawal   Director, Bose AR  Senior Product Manager, Jawbone

Vivek Agrawal

Director, Bose AR

Senior Product Manager, Jawbone

Haley Altman  CEO, Doxly

Haley Altman

CEO, Doxly

Lahini Arunachalam  Director of Product, Duetto  Sr Product Manager, DocuSign

Lahini Arunachalam

Director of Product, Duetto

Sr Product Manager, DocuSign


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