Is a career in coding right for you? Start learning for free.

Kenzie Free is a new series of online mini-courses designed to help anyone and everyone practice coding. Created by industry practitioners with backgrounds at companies like Google, Zillow, and LinkedIn (the same experts who develop Kenzie Academy’s full programs), Kenzie Free will help you decide if a career in tech is right for you.


A Free Way to Learn Coding
Kenzie Free allows you to try coding without spending a dime


For New and Junior Coders
Kenzie Free is educational for both newbies and veterans


Short, Fun, Cutting Edge
2-3 hour courses created by experts to cover HTML and CSS

For Beginners

Never coded a day in your life? We’ll introduce you to our cutting-edge curriculum from the comfort of your home. We’ll help you decide if you enjoy coding, maybe even enough to start a career in tech.

For Experienced Coders

Already have coding experience? We’ll refresh your skills and see if coding still sparks your interest. With this program, you’ll gain (or regain) the groundwork you need to decide if a tech career is right for you.

Launch a Rewarding Tech Career

Kenzie Free is developed in real-time with our employer partners, educating you about current industry trends in engaging courses - just like our full programs.

Reach out to one of our Student Evangelists to learn more about how Kenzie Academy literally invests in our students, allowing you to reach your true potential.