Kenzie Free Tuition Waiver Criteria

The first 100 people to complete the Kenzie Free program will be eligible to receive a $500 tuition waiver towards a full-time Kenzie Academy program.*

Entries will be accepted online starting on Monday, April 1st at 12:00pm EST through Tuesday, April 30th at 11:59 pm EST.

The first 100 people to complete the Kenzie Free ‘Intro to Web Development’ module and who meet the criteria below will qualify for the $500 tuition waiver:

  1. Complete the Kenzie Free module [HTML + CSS] (100% course completion + completion of end survey about course).

  2. Complete the Kenzie Academy full program application.

  3. Enroll in a Software Engineering, UX Engineering or Digital Marketing cohort starting April 16th, July 2019, or October 2019.

  4. High school graduates from the Class of 2019 must complete 12 months of classes and 12 months of apprenticeship in one the above cohorts.

  5. All other students must sign a contract to attend the full program in one of the above cohorts. Full program does not include the optional apprenticeship.

  6. Definition: A student is considered “Enrolled” at Kenzie Academy after they have completed the following:

    • Signed the ISA Agreement (if applicable)

    • Signed the Student Agreement

    • Paid the Commitment Fee of $100

    • Stays enrolled for a minimum of 2 months

All winners will be contacted via direct email by Tuesday, May 14th.


  1. $500 tuition waiver is a statement credit to your Kenzie tuition, you are still required to pay your $100 tuition deposit at time of enrollment.   

  2. Enrolled Kenzie students are not eligible for this offer.

  3. Kenzie Academy will not distribute your information to 3rd parties.

*Beginning March 20th, 20 tuition waiver opportunities are reserved for Beta testers, leaving 80 waiver opportunities available.