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Free Introduction to Digital Marketing


Are you a brand enthusiast? Do you wish social media was your job? Ever wondered why mattress ads appear when you so much as think about buying one? You might be a Digital Marketer!

This quick course will introduce you to some basic terms and concepts like “buyer persona” and “the marketing funnel.” You’ll get a general overview of this specialization to help you decide if it’s the right career path for you.


Buyer Personas

Buyer personas are an integral element of not just Digital Marketing, but marketing in general. Part of a Digital Marketer’s job is to lead people to products and services; so one of the first steps is learning about your ideal customer based on demographics and their behaviors.

The Marketing Funnel

The Marketing Funnel is a conceptual way of describing how close someone is to buying, donating, or taking whatever action you want them to take. Digital Marketers learn how to reach and nurture customers at all points of the funnel.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is, quite basically, how you position your products and services so they’re more likely to show up in organic Google search results. While SEO is an in-depth area you can specialize in, Digital Marketers know the basics and understand how it fits into a well-rounded strategy.

Paid Digital Ads & Analytics

Technology makes it easy to send messages to people all around the world through channels like social media, display ads, and more. Marketers use analytics to measure the effectiveness of digital messages, checking statistics like website traffic, sales, or views (depending on the marketer’s goals).

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Sharmin Kent

Sharmin is a writer, editor, and digital strategist with more than a decade of experience in content marketing, corporate communications, and social media management. A veteran of the Indianapolis tech community, she has helped manage brand transitions for B2B SaaS companies, consulted early-stage startups, and shaped content strategy for rapidly growing scale-ups. When she’s not at work, Sharmin’s in her kitchen cooking, actively being a music snob, or in her backyard playing with her son.