Pay tuition after you get a job!

With our Income Share Agreement (ISA), you agree to pay a fixed percentage of your future earned income for a fixed period of time to Kenzie Academy. In exchange, you don’t have to pay the full cost of Kenzie tuition upfront.

Kenzie is committed to offering student-centric financing programs that enable our students to graduate without loan debt. We stand behind our program and believe you will land a well-paying job after program completion.

Students can either pay for their first year of tuition upfront, through a monthly payment plan, or through an income-share agreement.

Income Share Agreement Options

Half ISA

$12,000 up front, then 17.5% of your earned income for 25 months.

Full ISA

$100 commitment fee, then 17.5% of your earned income for 4 years.


Unlike a loan, ISA leaves you debt-free.

In a traditional student loan, a lender gives you money to pay the cost of tuition or expenses upfront. After you graduate, you are required to pay back the original loan, plus interest, until the principle is completely paid off, which can take years or decades. Additionally, if you enter a deferment period, loan interest continues to accumulate.

With an ISA, you commit to pay for the education you receive at Kenzie in the future, once you have a salary, as a set percentage of earned income over a set period of time. You won’t graduate Kenzie with any loan debt.


The ISA is flexible.

  1. Monthly payments adjust in real time according to your income level — payments decrease or increase with your salary.

  2. Minimum income threshold — if you earn less than a certain salary, you may not be required to pay anything back. If you end up earning a substantial amount of income, you will not pay above a certain maximum amount.

  3. You do not have to pay back the full amount. You are only required to pay a set percentage of your income each month for a set period of time. After completing each monthly payment over the set term, you are not required to make any additional payments.


You remain in control.

  1. You can defer payment due to certain life circumstances like raising kids, enrolling in another full-time educational program, or unemployment. During deferred payment periods, there is no interest accruing, as compared to a traditional loan. Instead, you simply pause ISA payment, and add additional payment months once you’ve re-entered the workforce.

  2. You can repay your ISA early. Exact prepayment terms will be included in your ISA contract. There is no penalty for prepayment.

  3. You, and you alone, maintain the right to make all decisions regarding your future employment. Through the ISA, you are only committing to make monthly payments at a set percentage of your earned income for a set period of time.

Disclaimer: *Only US citizens and permanent residents can apply for the ISA.