Instructor, Software Engineering (JavaScript/React)

Kenzie Academy is an Indianapolis-based code and design apprenticeship school. We offer 6-month to 2-year programs as a new alternative to traditional colleges.

Kenzie Academy aims to tackle the tech talent gap in America. Applying a forward-thinking and student-centric model, including ISAs, project-based learning, critical- and soft-skills training, as well as apprenticeship, our mission is to develop a new talent pool and attract technology jobs to Middle America. 

Our classroom

Our classroom


The Software Engineering track is designed to train our students to become skilled coders, while also equipping them with core computer science concepts, critical for advancement towards senior roles. The foundation of our curriculum includes learning the necessary coding skills as well as a sufficient understanding of how computers and systems work in order to architect, build, and maintain complex applications.

Our programs are longer than typical coding bootcamps or online courses. This allows us to cover both breadth and depth. Our students also “learn how to learn” and develop critical problem solving and debugging skills.

The primary languages Kenzie Academy teaches for our Front-end Developer Program are HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, Redux. The choice of languages and technologies is shaped by the current needs of employers.


Who You Are


  • You think about how to think like a developer, how to problem-solve, how to debug, how to practice disciplines of metacognition.

  • You are skilled and knowledgeable in JavaScript (ES6+ preferred), CSS (not as essential), and React (a nice-to-have).

  • You are or are willing to familiarize yourself with the history of browser technologies.

  • You are proficient in at least one other language (preferably Python, Java, or C).


  • You love to love what your company is doing.

  • You have a desire to teach students of all ages and backgrounds in programming – but more than that: in learning how to learn and in thinking like a developer.

  • You are empathetic and patient, and can be affirmative of students who may be struggling with stress or impostor syndrome.

  • You have excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.

  • You are comfortable working in a fast-paced environment with tight deadlines.

What You'll Do

Teaching requirements

  • Provide instruction and support to students in the software engineering program.

  • Work closely with our head of curriculum to improve existing curriculum, and perhaps occasionally to write new curriculum.

  • Work with the admissions team to help interview future students.

  • Have lots of fun and work with great people.

Kenzie Studio

  • Flexibility to transfer from academic to consulting work for the studio

  • Analyze and understand requirements from different types of projects (websites, mobile apps)

  • Lead a small team of developers to implement in-house and consulting projects.

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