Kenzie Academy Announces Scholarships Geared
Toward the Class of 2019

Admitted high school seniors can earn significant scholarships toward their tuition

INDIANAPOLIS, Dec. 18, 2018 -- This week Kenzie Academy announced four scholarship opportunities for graduating high school seniors looking for an accelerated path to a career in Tech, including software engineering, UX engineering and digital marketing. To be eligible for these scholarships, applicants must be admitted to Kenzie and complete the requirements of each scholarship. Awarded scholarships will be granted on a rolling basis and can only be applied to tuition for the April, July or October 2019 cohorts.

“Generation Z is questioning the value and ROI on traditional higher ed. Kenzie is a new option that’s designed around students and getting them job ready,” said  Chok Ooi, co-founder and CEO of Kenzie Academy. “We are excited to welcome the Class of 2019 to Kenzie Academy and are offering these scholarships to make our programs even more accessible to them.”

The scholarships include the Kenzie Academy Family Scholarship ($5,000), Social Media Scholarship ($1,000), and Women in Tech Scholarship ($5,000). For each there are relevant tech assignments that give students an opportunity to demonstrate their aptitude and enthusiasm for a career in Tech. Applicants can apply for a combination of all three, for a maximum of $11,000 in scholarship funds.

The fourth scholarship is the FIRST Scholarship ($12,000) and is exclusively for high school seniors or recent alumni (2010-2018)  that participated in a FIRST © Robotics competitions. The FIRST Scholarship cannot be combined with any other Kenzie scholarships.

Last month, Kenzie announced a partnership with Kelly Services that would also make post-secondary education accessible to more people. Dubbed “Earn and Learn,” the partnership gives Kenzie students an opportunity to earn well-above minimum wage in technical support roles while enrolled at Kenzie. This partnership, coupled with Kenzie’s Income-Share Agreements diminish upfront costs and limit debt burden for graduates.

Whether attending Kenzie in-person or online, Kenzie is an affordable option for students looking for a high-quality, post-secondary option that aligns with their interests and financial circumstances. To learn more about eligibility for available scholarships, go to