Kelly Services® and Kenzie Academy Transform the Future of Work with the Launch of “Earn and Learn” Model

Partnership tears down the wall between work and education, attracting and developing talent for the new economy.

INDIANAPOLIS, Nov 27, 2018 -- Kenzie Academy and Kelly Services launched a partnership to tackle the education demands of the nation’s workforce with a new “Earn and Learn” model. On the heels of Kelly’s recent investment in Kenzie, this alliance directly addresses one of the biggest barriers blocking many learners from returning to school: earning a paycheck while enrolled.  Through the partnership, Kenzie students have access to flexible, part-time, at-home jobs with Kelly Services. Simultaneously, these same students will participate in Kenzie’s fast-placed, cutting-edge curriculum, giving them the skills needed to land high-demand, high-paying tech jobs.

“At Kenzie, we have redesigned higher education to work for students,” said Chok Ooi, co-founder and CEO of Kenzie Academy. “Thanks to Kelly Services, we are leveling the playing field for students from all backgrounds to access high-quality, accelerated training programs that will lead to a career in tech.”

Kenzie students can earn well-above minimum wage in Kelly roles designed to work with class schedules. Whether attending Kenzie in-person or online, students can earn much-needed income, while gaining additional soft skills and professional development to set them up for success.

“Kelly Services is committed to investing in future talent through dedicated programs that support the retraining and upskilling of today’s workers,” said Rick Wallace, vice president of Strategic Initiatives for Kelly Services. “Technology continues to drive major changes in the way we work. This innovative partnership between Kelly Services and Kenzie Academy will develop talent to meet future workplace needs.”

Nationally, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the economy will need as many as 100,000 new information technology workers per year over the next decade. Right now, only about 60,000 of these workers enter the workforce each year. Kenzie Academy moves students quickly through one- to two-year, hands-on, project-based curriculum that produces software engineers, UX engineers and digital marketers with the skills and professional experience to immediately engage in the workforce.

Kenzie is accepting applications now for its January courses that will be available online or at its campus locations in Indianapolis. If you’d like to speak with a Student Evangelist to learn more about the Earn and Learn program, as well as our programs, please click below.