Director or Manager of Student Success

Kenzie Academy is looking for a Director or Manager of Student Success to join our fast-growing, Indianapolis-based start-up that’s reimagining education. You will be a leader shaping the future of this company.


About Kenzie Academy

Kenzie Academy, a tech apprenticeship program that develops modern tech workers, reimagines higher education, combining training in the latest tech skills, real-world work experience, and mentorship from industry experts. Kenzie offers courses in coding and computer science, paired with paid apprenticeships, closing the gap between school and employment.


What We're Looking For

  • Experience in high school or postsecondary education, a social work field, or other

    experience dealing with high school and adult learners who are navigating mental and

    emotional health, or general life events, while enrolled in a high-intensity program.

  • Passion for our issio: To equip people from Middle America with the necessary skills,

    experience, and access needed to build successful careers in tech

  • Leadership skills, empathy, and an ability to connect with people from all walks of life

  • Self-starter

About the Role

You will oversee tudent experienc for all enrolled Kenzie Academy students; you will be responsible for ensuring students have the best possible experience once they have enrolled and have the right supports in place to be successful in the program.

This is a new role at Kenize Academy. You will get to be a reato and eade, building out the student success program.

Responsibilities includes:

  • Cultur: Creating a welcoming, positive, inclusive community culture.

  • Relationship: Building personal relationships with each student.

  • Suppor: Checking in with people who seem to be struggling. Assessing why someone

    is struggling and coming up with a plan to connect them with academic or external support systems. You will be the face of Kenzie Academy to all students, serving as a mentor, cheerleader, and disciplinary figure when needed.

  • Coordinatio: Working with Kenzie Academy instructors and administrative staff to elevate and coordinate any student issues that need a multi-team approach.

  • Outcome: Creating a pathway to program completion for all students.