Get Your Certificate Online from the Comfort of Your Home on Evenings and One Weekend a Month


Succeed in a world gone digital

  1. Gain the digital marketing techniques to succeed

  2. Learn how to teach yourself the newest digital channels and tech to evolve in a changing landscape

  3. Develop a professional network and grow with a team

Who could benefit from a Digital Marketing Certificate?

  1. A marketer looking to expand their expertise and skills

  2. A good communicator looking to make a career move into marketing

  3. A high school student looking for an alternate path to college

Online Executive Format

The Digital Marketing program follows an “Executive Learning” format. Classes run Monday-Thursday from 6-9 PM EST, as well as 1 weekend a month.

The Digital Marketing program is fully online. However, students have the following campus access if needed:

  • Use our lounges and workstations if you need a quiet place to read or study.

  • Attend weekend classes on campus.

  • Meet for group projects.

Program Structure


Digital Marketing


6-month course

Prepares students for a dynamic marketing career by teaching valuable skills in strategy, content marketing, organic, and paid marketing.

Graduates of our comprehensive Digital Marketing program will:

leave with the skills and professional network needed to start a rewarding career.

  1. Digital Marketing Landscape — Understand how digital marketing differs from traditional marketing

  2. Marketing Fundamentals — Strategies for finding, attracting, and retaining customers

  3. Metrics & Measurement —  Use data to identify patterns, set targets, and measure progress

  4. Conversion Rate Optimization — How to apply an experiments-based approach to any marketing problem

  5. Front-End 101 — Basic front-end skills

  6. SEO — Drive traffic using unpaid, earned results

  7. Organic Social Media — Build community and trust

  8. Content Marketing — Create and distribute content to attract and retain customers

  9. Paid Advertising (SEM) — Drive traffic through paid channels

  10. Email Marketing — Create effective email campaigns that drive results

  11. Marketing Ops & Automation — Strategies and tools to optimize and automate marketing


Program Certification

Students completing the six month program will receive the Digital Marketer certificate.

Program Cost & Payment Options

We believe you shouldn’t have to have money to make money. That is why we make Kenzie accessible and affordable to all students, regardless of their financial background.

  • Full ISA: $100 + 17.5% income for 25 months

  • Full Tuition: $13,500 upfront + no income-based repayment

  • Payment Plan: $2,350/month for 6 months + no income-based repayment

* apprenticeship is free for existing students

Meet the Instructors


Danica Tiu

Danica Tiu began her marketing career at Vanberg & DeWulf, the nation's oldest Belgian beer importer, where she led Digital Marketing. She was an early employee at Thumbtack, and has held various product and marketing management roles at tech companies like Automatic Labs (acquired by SiriusXM in 2017) and Zillow Group.

Though she enjoys grappling with complex business problems, she finds the most professional fulfillment in mentoring people and startups, and the most personal fulfillment in reading, lifting heavy things and putting them back down, and good conversations over good beer.

Sharmin Kent.jpg

Sharmin Kent

Sharmin is writer and digital marketer with more than a decade of experience in content marketing, corporate communications and social media management. A veteran of the Indianapolis tech community, Sharmin has helped manage brand transitions for B2B SaaS companies and consulted startups and rapidly growing scale-ups. When she’s not at work, Sharmin’s in her kitchen cooking, or in her backyard playing with her son.

Halie Vining.jpeg

Halie Vining

Halie began her career in Consulting, focusing first on enterprise-level SEO and content strategy and later on UX and application lifecycle management. She's worked with brands like Rackspace, HP, Intel, and Airstream to use UX strategy to drive marketing and sales success. She's a Google loyalist with certifications in Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and Data Studio, and is currently leading product strategy for a suite of Salesforce applications at Appirio. When she's not geeking out on digital strategy, you'll find her cozied up with a book, a beer, and her two labradors, Watson and Wyeth.

Misbah Ashraf 2.JPG

Misbah Ashraf

Misbah previously led product and growth for multiple early-stage startups backed by YCombinator, Amazon, Shark Tank, and Social Capital. He has worked across three continents, and is currently feeding his intellectual curiosity and wanderlust through international travel while teaching at Kenzie. His best words have been featured in Huffington Post, Tech In Asia, TechCrunch, Your Story, Inc42, Startup Grind, Hacker Noon, Business Insider, Business World, Bangalore Mirror, and other publications.