Kenzie Academy and CSU-Global have partnered to create Degree Pathways

Kenzie Academy has partnered with Colorado State University-Global (CSU-Global) to provide students and adult learners with a flexible option to obtain industry-relevant skills and a career-focused degree. The program is now open for enrollment, allowing students to begin their one-to-two year program with Kenzie, followed by online courses through CSU-Global. 

This partnership between Kenzie and CSU-Global enables students to pursue both skills-based training as well as a bachelor’s degree by awarding transferrable college credits to Kenzie’s Software Engineering and User Experience (UX) Engineering programs. 

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Why are Kenzie Academy and CSU-Global working together?

We believe people should have access to affordable, high-quality educational opportunities that lead to rewarding jobs.


What is CSU-Global?

Colorado State University-Global Campus offers career-relevant bachelor’s and master’s degree programs for working adults and nontraditional learners. As the first and only 100% online, fully accredited public university in the United States, CSU-Global is focused on student success as its number one priority. CSU-Global sets the standard for quality and innovation in higher education through its expert faculty who are recognized as industry leaders and trained in working with adults in an online learning environment. CSU-Global offers accelerated eight-week courses that start every four weeks.

What kind of degree can I earn?

Your Kenzie credits are best suited for a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, but you have the ability to transfer in the elective credit to any degree of your choice offered by CSU-Global.

Which Kenzie Programs are eligible for a degree pathway?

Software Engineering and User Experience (UX) Engineering are eligible.

How much does the program cost?

Kenzie’s cost: Kenzie Academy’s tuition is $24,000 for the Software Engineering and UX Engineering programs. Kenzie makes financing education more accessible by offering monthly payment plans and Income Share Agreements (ISAs). With an ISA, you’ll pay $100 upfront and commit to paying 13% of your income for 48 months after you graduate once you make $40k or more per year.

CSU-Global’s cost: As a not-for-profit public university, CSU’s goal is to make your education affordable and attainable. With CSU-Global’s Tuition Guarantee, once you enroll, your tuition rates are locked in throughout your program. Tuition rates are $315 per undergraduate credit hour (with a 10% Kenzie discount). You’ll only pay for tuition and materials as there are no additional student fees or out-of-state premiums for CSU-Global.

How do I enroll?

After graduating from Kenzie, you can enroll at CSU-Global at any time. To enroll in CSU-Global, call 800-920-6723 to speak with an Enrollment Counselor directly or fill out the online application.

Do I have to immediately enroll at CSU-Global after finishing my Kenzie program?

No, you can finish your degree when it’s right for you! CSU-Global courses are designed for working adults and will fit with your full-time work schedule after leaving Kenzie.

Who is a degree pathway for?

Degree pathways are perfect for any Kenzie student, but can particularly benefit high school students currently considering their postsecondary options as well as individuals looking to earn or finish their college degree. Ultimately, degree pathways are new, affordable educational options for today’s learners to receive industry-aligned skills and degrees to launch their careers.

How might a degree pathway benefit me?

Many students employ methods like attending community college for a period before transferring to a public or private institution to cut down on their educational costs. Our degree pathways are an answer to the need for affordable, specialized, and accredited education designed to get students into rewarding careers.

If I already have college credit from another institution, can I transfer that credit to CSU-Global along with the credit from my Kenzie program?

Yes, but depends on your specific situation.

Do I have to finish the entire Kenzie program to earn college credit?

No, but you’ll get the most value from finishing your Kenzie program. You’ll earn credit incrementally throughout your Kenzie program and as a graduates you are prepared to land a tech job while completing your CSU-Global degree.

Where can I learn more about CSU-Global?

Visit their FAQ page to learn more.