Skills that Employers will Pay For  

Kenzie Academy is dedicated to empowering our students by equipping them with both the technical and social / power skills to allow them to thrive as a software developer in the modern workplace. Our team is not only passionate about the history of academic computer science; we also bring decades of on-the-job experience as developers, consultants, and engineering leaders who know firsthand what companies look for (and often struggle to find) when recruiting and promoting talent.

We continually work with engineering leaders from our employer partners to learn both what benefited them most in their own professional development, as well as what they wish their new employees knew when entering the workforce. We study the internship programs and on-the-job training programs of our employer partners to understand the knowledge gaps they need to compensate for, in traditional computer science education.

At Kenzie Academy, we use our deep industry knowledge to offer our students a unique combination of coursework, project-based learning, and opportunities to perform paid work on behalf of real employers. We structure our curriculum and learning environment to make sure our students are knowledgeable, versatile, adaptable, and ready to hit the ground running at a variety of different employers.

Our Programs

Software development is not only the career of our time - it is the career of our future. The pace is exciting, intensive, and also extremely rewarding.

Our goal at Kenzie is to build future tech leaders who are skilled coders and also critical thinkers. We give our students the capacity to evolve with the industry as it grows - the skills needed not just in today’s market - but in the future, as well.

Our current program is onsite at our Indianapolis campus. We plan to offer online courses in the future.

We have designed a cutting-edge program, with project-based learning and flip classroom experience that is a fun and exciting way to learn to code. Students develop one or more standalone projects for their portfolio, and accompanying public Github repository demonstrating their coding to future employers. 

Our students enter into a paid apprenticeship after 6-months, which is an on-the-job training allowing them to gain real-world experience as they learn. During the program, students will also learn how to run Agile projects and teams, understand the lean startup methodology, get exposed to design thinking with empathy, learn how to present their ideas and code, and master the art to ace a tech job interview. We also provide access to successful local and remote tech industry leaders as mentors throughout the entire program.

Our commitment to each of our students is resolute - for students who complete our 2-year Software Engineer Track, we guarantee job placement within 3-months of graduation - or our students get their money back!

At Kenzie, you can come to work and get paid to learn.


Front-End Web Developer track (6 MOnths)

Front-End web developers produce HTML, CSS and JavaScript for a website or Web Application so that a user can see and interact with them directly.

Students gain hands-on experience deploying interactive web sites for desktop and mobile web browsers using the latest web technologies and frameworks. Students also learn all coding and web development best practices, including team collaboration skills.


Full-Stack Web Developer track (6 months)

Full stack web developers are people who are familiar with developing all layers of a website or web application, including the front-end and back-end logic and databases, and how the front-end and web-end communicates together.

This program is opened to Kenzie students who completed the Front-End Web Developer Track, or qualified students with prior programming training or experience. Students with prior front-end development training will hone their skills in back-end software development, while back-end programmers will hone their front-end development skills. Students learn to develop production ready end-to-end web applications. Students will learn to scale back-end applications, consider performance of the application, and understand security best practices to reduce an application’s vulnerability to hacking. 

Students will perform 10-20 hours of paid internship work with Kenzie Studio, our consulting arm to cover the partial cost of tuition. 


software engineer track (12 months)

The Software Engineer track is designed to train our students to become skilled coders, while also equipping them with core computer science concepts, critical for advancement towards senior roles over time. The foundation of our curriculum includes learning the necessary coding skills as well as a sufficient understanding of how computers and systems work in order to architect, build, and maintain complex applications.

Kenzie students who completed the Full-Stack Web Developer Track are eligible to apply for the Software Engineer Track. Students learn core computer science concepts and enterprise programming languages such as Java or equivalent.