Kenzie Academy empowers our students by equipping them with both the technical and social / power skills needed to thrive as a software developer in the modern workplace. Our team brings decades of on-the-job experience as developers, consultants, and engineering leaders. We know firsthand what companies look for (and often struggle to find) when recruiting and promoting talent.

The primary languages Kenzie Academy teaches are HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL, Python, and (in year 2) Java or C#. The choice of languages and technologies is shaped by the current needs of employers.

Kenzie offers three, cumulative courses that give you the skills to be a Software Engineer over two years. All courses are included if you sign up for the Software Engineer Program, or you can elect to sign up for the six month or one year program.

Courses Include:

  • Front-End Web Developer: 6-Months
  • Full-Stack Web Developer: 1-Year
  • Software Engineer + Paid Apprenticeship: 2-Years



We teach the following skills that industry needs in future employees. How to:

  • Create and deploy interactive web sites for desktop and mobile browsers.
  • Edit code within an integrated development environment (IDE).
  • Work on the command line and create shell scripts in a UNIX-like environment.
  • Use one or more distributed version control systems to manage coding projects comprising multiple files and with multiple contributing developers.
  • Use logging and debugging techniques to trace and inspect the behavior of code.
  • Understand the time and space tradeoffs of common data structures.
  • Understand flow of control within iterative, recursive, and event-driven programs.
  • Develop within two or more web frameworks, and explain the principles for organizing and structuring code within those frameworks.
  • Write effective unit tests.
  • Practice defensive coding and handle errors and exceptions.  
  • Understand object-oriented approaches for organizing code and data.
  • Communicate effectively with peers and supervisors via both speech and writing, including code review and pair programming. 

Your growth and learning are our top priority because we want you to leave our program ready to launch your career in tech. That’s why we constantly assess your progress to make sure you are mastering each concepts using: 

  • Pre and post module assessments.
  • Regularly scheduled programming exercises that require students to implement software functionality that meets automated acceptance criteria (with safeguards against unauthorized copying or plagiarism).
  • Regularly scheduled code reviews conducted by instructors and coaches in which students must explain the functionality of their submitted code and the rationale behind their design choices.
  • Development of novel software projects (working both individually and in groups) that demonstrate complex functionality.
  • Demo days. 
  • One-on-one or small group discussions. 
  • Code reviews with outside mentors, who come from industry. All mentors have experience hiring and managing software engineers

In year 2 of the program, students enter the Kenzie Apprenticeship Program where they take on increasing responsibility for delivering paid work subject to review and acceptance criteria established by third-party clients.