• Andrew Yang
    Founder, Venture for America
    Andrew Yang
  • John Bailey
    Former White House Official
    John Bailey
  • Roy Spence
    Chairman, GSD&M
    Roy Spence
  • Emily Chiu
    Corporate Development, Square
    Emily Chiu
  • Andre Bennin
    Managing Director, Strada Education
    Andre Bennin
  • Dr. Jan Guffin
    Board of Trustees, Tindley Schools
    Dr. Jan Guffin
  • Joe Chiappetta
    VP and CTO, Simon
    Joe Chiappetta
  • Celia Stokes
    Former CEO, eDriving
    Celia Stokes
  • Cheryl Yeoh
    Founder & CEO Seeding
    Cheryl Yeoh
  • Tom Willerer
    Chief Product Officer, Coursera
    Tom Willerer
  • Alok Deshpande
    Senior Manager, Apple Inc.
    Alok Deshpande
  • Melissa Beckwith
    VP Strategy & Innovation, Butler
    Melissa Beckwith
  • Jeff Christofis
    VP & Practice Lead Kelly Services, Inc.
    Jeff Christofis