Kenzie News Roundup 9/25/20

Kenzie News Roundup 9/25/20

52 tech companies hire for remote roles, a new iPhone update encourages creative design, and doctors share how to calm your virtual interview nerves. This is your weekly Kenzie news roundup. 

Is UX viable for established career-changers? 

This is the question the Nielsen Norman Group (yes, the one co-founded by design legend Don Norman) hoped to answer at a recent talk. And the answer is yes, absolutely! This is good news for those with established careers in other fields looking to make the switch. According to Jakob Nielsen, many UX professionals bring transferable skills to their design work. Watch the video on Nielsen Norman Group.

I design with emotions in mind

UX Designers empathize with their product users to foster positive relationships between humans and technology. In other words, they design with emotions in mind. According to Forbes Council Member Steven Widen, designers must engage with user emotions on visceral, behavioral, and reflective levels. It also doesn’t hurt to make them laugh. He’s rounded up a few examples of quality emotional design work in this Forbes piece.

Calm your nerves

For many, virtual interviews can bring about a whole new kind of anxiety. It’s easy to feel disconnected when meeting potential bosses and interacting with hiring managers over Zoom. But, there are a few tricks you can implement into your virtual interviewing routine to help calm your nerves. Find out what they are on WCPO

Measure UX success

Measuring user experience can help designers create better products and find a better understanding of users. Need some tips on understanding the long term usefulness of your UX project? This piece gives you a detailed rundown of frameworks and success metrics to employ. Learn more on The Next Web

Get Hired: 52 tech companies hire for remote roles 

On the hunt for a remote job? Get ready to score your next position! National tech community Built In compiled an extensive list of tech companies hiring for remote roles right now. Browse these listings on Built In

Merging marketing and UX 

Design thinking is here to stay. And, it’s no longer limited to UX professionals. For GSK’s VP of Global Design Andrew Barraclough, marketers need to master the art of design thinking as they too help shape user experience. He also shares that when UXers and marketers work together, brand loyalty is born (and magic happens). Read this story on Creative Review

Tech Tip of the Week: Make your home screen “aesthetic AF”

Apple iPhone users have been using their design skills and the new iOS update to show off their unique personalities. The new update allows users to use workarounds to customize their home screens. Learn how to customize yours on CNBC

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Alexa Goins

Alexa Goins

Alexa Goins is the Content Marketer at Kenzie Academy. Before she joined the field of higher education marketing, she worked as a journalist and taught English in the South of France. When she’s not writing, you can find her reading non-fiction works, doing embodiment yoga, or planning her next trip to Paris. You can find more of her work at

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