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Kenzie News Roundup 9/24/2021

Kenzie News Roundup 9/24/2021

In this week’s Kenzie news we are taking a deep dive into the future of design and what skills companies are looking for in hiring accessibility candidates. This is your weekly Kenzie news roundup. 

How to Become a UI Designer

Do you enjoy learning how to make things usable and friendly for different types of people? Then you might make a great user interface (UI) designer. Click the link above to learn more about UI design and if you might want to become a UI designer yourself. We also share insight on how to make yourself more attractive to employers as a UI designer. 

Amazon Makes Another Big Investment in it’s People

Investing in your employees and their development is an essential piece of running a successful company and Amazon has done just that with this most recent investment. They are committing $1.2 billion in the education and skills training of their front-line team members. Learn more about Amazon’s promise to employees in the link above.

The New ‘Diploma’ is Job Skills

Businesses all around the world are focusing more and more on skills based hiring rather than what degree a person has. Learn from the link above how some of the world’s biggest companies are focusing on specific skillsets to assess job readiness over traditional undergraduate degrees.

4 Things To Show That UX/UI is the Future

More and more in today’s world, design is at the forefront for many companies due to its impact on every aspect of business. This article shares four proof points of the value of design and what companies will be looking for in designers now and in the future.

Demand for Accessibility Specialists is Growing

Companies are increasing their focus around hiring for digital accessibility. According to the Wall Street Journal, from July 2020 to July 2021, LinkedIn reported a 78% increase in job listings with “accessibility” in the title. Learn what is driving this growth and how companies are trying to meet accessibility needs in the article link above.

Virtual Reality and the Future of Healthcare Education

Everyday people are finding new and amazing uses for virtual reality. This article discusses the impact of immersive technology on the healthcare industry. Learn how it is helping to train the doctors of the future in everything from performing surgery to how to best handle emergency situations.

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