Kenzie News Roundup 8/7/20

Kenzie News Roundup 8/7/20

Tech companies in Seattle ramp up hiring, experts predict the future of higher ed, and UX Designers share how they solve community problems. This is your weekly Kenzie news roundup. 

Online learning: a crash course in adulthood

Though online learning recently became the norm for many college students, there are students for whom this already was the norm (Hey there, Kenzie community!). A recent report followed students who attended an online university. Interestingly, graduates said their online classrooms not only enriched their learning experiences but challenged them to mature and take charge of their education. Skim this one on The New York Times

Tech companies in Seattle want to hire you

Get your resume and cover letter ready! Entrepreneur Adam Schoenfeld recently created the Seattle Startup Hiring Tracker to help job seekers find tech positions during the pandemic. Those seeking jobs in the Seattle area will be pleased to know 67% of the city’s startups are currently hiring with around 2,000 open roles on the market, according to Adam’s data. Check out the full story and learn more about his hiring tracker on GeekWire

Business is booming thanks to UX

Good UX Design can be made even better when it’s paired with a quality marketing strategy. According to this Irish Times article, it’s best to think of the two as stages in a relationship. Marketing serves as that initial swipe right while UX is the relationship-building that follows. Both are essential stages in creating a successful business. Peep this one here. 

Prioritize accessibility in design 

Building an accessibility-centered design culture should be a high priority for designers who want to create inclusive products. While the process can seem daunting, with a little effort and intention, organizations and development teams can work to build accessible products that can meet everyone’s needs. Learn more about how to prioritize accessibility in your design and development processes on

The end of the email era 

With a new academic year beginning, it’s no secret that colleges and universities are doing things a bit differently this year. But, did you know email is among the things being phased out due to COVID-19? A handful of schools are now forgoing the email and communicating with students via apps. This is pretty good news for those looking to become Mobile App Developers. Read more about what else is changing in higher ed this fall on Forbes

Got a problem? UX can solve it.

A recent event held to amplify the voices of Black UX Designers in Philadelphia highlighted the ways several designers use their skill sets to solve community problems. From helping non-English speakers receive city services to encouraging people to see art in new ways, these designers prove that UX is vital to societal problem-solving. Read more on

TLDR: “What is Randonautica really about?”

An app that sends users to random locations based on their “intentions” is making waves on social media for the spooky stories users are sharing about it. Learn more about this “law of attraction meets geocaching” app in this long-form piece on The New York Times

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Alexa Goins

Alexa Goins

Alexa Goins is the Content Marketer at Kenzie Academy. Before she joined the field of higher education marketing, she worked as a journalist and taught English in the South of France. When she’s not writing, you can find her reading non-fiction works, doing embodiment yoga, or planning her next trip to Paris. You can find more of her work at

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