Kenzie News Roundup 7/16/2021

Kenzie News Roundup 7/16/2021

We’re taking a look at the booming tech job market, cities offering stipends for remote workers to relocate, and the many career opportunities an education in Java affords. This is your weekly news roundup.

Jobs in Java

It’s no secret that learning Java, the “write once, run anywhere” programming language, can make for a very lucrative career thanks to its wide use. Those just beginning their Java education can look forward to a rewarding career in the field with so many Java jobs on the market. But, exactly what jobs are available in Java?

Employers bow down to tech workers in hottest job market seen since the dot-com era

We aren’t kidding when we say the job market is hot for Software Developers, UX Designers, and other tech professionals right now. The market barely slowed during the pandemic and now that things are ramping back up to some kind of normal, employers are posting more openings than ever (and competing for talent to fill them). Read more about why tech workers are in such high demand here.

Capitalizing on remote work, U.S. cities draw in tech workers

For many tech companies, remote work has gone from being an unexpected experiment to a way of life. Now that many employees (especially those in big cities) don’t need to show up in person to get their work done, they’re venturing away from big cities. Check out this piece from Reuters to hear why cities like Tulsa, Oklahoma are incentivizing tech workers to relocate – and why tech workers are saying “yes” to these offers.

11 Important Factors For Building A Mobile-Optimized Website

Making sure your website runs well on a desktop is one thing – making sure its content and functions translate to a mobile experience is another. To keep visitors engaged (and consumers consuming), optimizing websites for mobile is crucial for web developers and UX designers. Here are some tips to make that translation smooth.

GitHub’s automatic coding tool rests on untested legal ground

Algorithms typically learn by analyzing existing code and datasets which is deemed publicly available online. But now GitHub is finding itself at the center of a big ethics question in tech: where do we draw the line when it comes to fair use of ‘public’ code? Explore some potential answers to this question with this article from The Verge.

13 Upcoming UI And UX Trends Every Tech Company Should Prepare For

User interface/experience design consistently pushes the envelope. So, what’s in store for the field and its consumers in the near future? Connected mobile and desktop apps, further expansion into AR and AI, and more inclusive designs are just some of the trends being predicted by a Forbes tech council in this article.

Meme of the Week: “If the code works, we will not be taking questions at this time.”

soft skills

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Craig Tierney

Craig Tierney

Craig Tierney is the Communications Manager at Kenzie Academy from SNHU. His career highlights so far include rolling out international marketing strategies, building a brand at a fast-moving tech startup, and challenging himself through freelance projects.

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