Kenzie News Roundup 6/25/21

Kenzie News Roundup 6/25/21

We explore the importance of programming theory, the post-pandemic workplace, and advice for job seekers in tech. This is your weekly Kenzie news roundup.

Don’t hurt yourself

If your job search becomes the 6–10 after your 9–5, don’t be the reason your time, money, and social battery go to waste. A career recruiter who has interviewed close to 10,000 job candidates shares the common actions that trip up job seekers. Head to Fast Company and learn these six avoidable mistakes.

One application to rule them all

If you have an engineering mindset, using the same résumé for every job application might feel like a judo solution. Amazon takes this mindset to another level with its Best Fit hiring program, allowing software engineers to apply once and be considered for thousands of jobs across the company. Check out Chain Store Age for how the application process works (and the initial feedback from job seekers).

Changing the face of tech

Through their racial equity initiative, Google aims to show learners within Black and Brown communities that a tech career is within reach. The company has announced a $50 million unrestricted grant to 10 historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs). “We’re changing the face of what a software engineer looks like, and who’s in tech, so that people who look like me understand the viable careers that are available to them,” said Google’s Chief Diversity Officer Melonie Parker, who is an HBCU graduate herself. Read this story about fostering limitless potential on Yahoo Finance.

Good ideas in theory…or in practice?

As software development becomes more platform-based, the debate about whether one should know programming theory rages on. Tom Crick, professor of digital education and policy at Swansea University, says practical and theoretical knowledge each have their individual merits. Find out where you stand after reading both sides of the argument on TechRepublic.

Who did this? I just want to talk

The real world is far from ideal, and as a developer, you will find yourself thrown into an existing project or refactoring code written by others. Like programming, reading code is a learnable skill that will help you adapt and collaborate. Check out Built In for what you should keep in mind if you want to pick it up.

TLDR: “Turn tech to your advantage in the new hybrid workplace”

Many of us are making the post-pandemic transition from one work environment to two. As we switch between home and the office, experts offer their advice on how to deal with this new hybrid setup—a guide that is beneficial to seasoned professionals and new professionals alike. Read the latest from career experts on how to leverage tech and set boundaries in this long-form story in The New York Times.

When algorithms take hostages

Whether you endlessly scroll through TikTok in bed, or melt into the couch while Netflix autoplays, you have experienced the pitfalls of “artificial specific intelligence.” The loss of user control to an algorithm has an outsized effect on our daily lives and our cognition. Contributing writers at VentureBeat explore how AI-powered services can prioritize user experience (UX) and leave users in control.

Meme of the Week: “Thanks, Dad.”

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Noelle Philipps

Noelle Philipps

Noelle Philipps is the Performance Marketing Manager at Kenzie Academy from SNHU. For most of her career, she has re-platformed websites, trained robots, and volunteered as the marketing tribute during backlog refinement. When she doesn’t resemble the Charlie Day meme, you can find her at a rock show, in the woods, or in the kitchen playing with knives and fire.

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