Kenzie News Roundup 6/18/21

Kenzie News Roundup 6/18/21

We explore the importance of soft skills, post-pandemic job prospects, and advice for entry-level Software Engineers. This is your weekly Kenzie news roundup. 

Small but mighty

When it comes to development teams, some say that smaller teams have the potential to be more productive. Using research on how humans work and socialize, Jeremy Duvall,  Founder of 7Factor Software, makes a compelling case for why small dev teams may be the secret to company success. Find this story on Forbes

How to have a good day at a bad job

We’ve all had jobs we didn’t enjoy but weren’t able to leave for whatever reason. If you’re currently in one of those “bad” jobs, consider the words of Caroline Webb in this episode of the Hello Monday podcast. Caroline is an executive coach, economist, and author of a book titled “How to Have a Good Day.” She walks through the process of creating contentment wherever you are. Learn more on LinkedIn

Words of wisdom for the entry-level engineer

A hiring manager shares advice for entry-level developers in this quick read. He dives into how hiring managers assess potential, as well as how candidates can nail interviews and succeed at their jobs. Check out this wisdom-packed story on Built In

Gen Z sees a bright future

New data from the United Kingdom shows that Gen Z is feeling optimistic about post-pandemic job prospects, despite 11% of Zoomers losing their jobs due to Covid-19. With 74% of people ages 16 to 24 feeling confident about job prospects after lockdown, many will try to land in-demand roles as Software Engineers and Project Managers. Learn more about post-pandemic job market predictions on Refinery29

Starting up your UX 

Interested in starting your own business? One thing you’ll want to do, whether you’re building an app or service-oriented company, is consider UX principles. There are 11 key UX principles that can help you have a successful startup launch. Find out what they are in this story on Appinventiv

TLDR: “To fill millions of open jobs, many workers need more than skills”

Experts say people need more than technical skill training to land a new job. When paired with soft skill training and mentorships, people are prepared to launch careers in new industries. At Kenzie, we hope to empower our students with both technical and soft skills through a variety of training modalities. Read the latest from career experts on the topic in this long-form story in The New York Times

Examining empathy in UX

Empathy is quite the buzzword in UX circles. But, how can you cultivate it and use it to create great products, services, and applications? Jen Walsh is the Senior Director of Design and Research at Tallwave. She breaks down how to get empathy right so you can truly meet your users’ needs. Read this article on Built In

Meme of the Week: #ProgrammerMoves

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Alexa Goins

Alexa Goins

Alexa Goins is the Content Marketer at Kenzie Academy. Before she joined the field of higher education marketing, she worked as a journalist and taught English in the South of France. When she’s not writing, you can find her reading non-fiction works, doing embodiment yoga, or planning her next trip to Paris.

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