Kenzie News Roundup 5/21/21

Kenzie News Roundup 5/21/21

We examine the Indianapolis tech scene, the origins of the Block Party app, and how to build a positive software team culture. This is your weekly Kenzie news roundup.

Inside the Indianapolis tech scene

Kenzie UX Facilitator Mya Williams made a move from New Orleans to Indianapolis to kickstart her tech career. Her story, plus highlights about the Indianapolis tech scene, is featured in this digital magazine. Get an inside look at Indy’s reputation as a growing tech hub on WorkingNation

Can you answer this question? 

Mentorship can help tech professionals advance in their careers while also prompting them to become more introspective about what they want to achieve. Federico Francioni, Principal People-Experience Designer at Facebook, has mentored many designers over the years. The number one question he asks his mentees is “Who do you want to be?” When a designer can answer this question, they can get a clearer picture of where they want their career to take them and how they plan to get there. Find this story on Built In

The UX of inward-facing tech

Designing products for internal customers rather than the general public can provide unique challenges for UX Designers. So, if you’re planning to design a product to be used at your own company, it’s critical to examine your methodology. User experience professionals shared their top tips for creating inward-facing software. From getting feedback to involving your users throughout the process, these tips can help you come up with great products, whether they’re internal or external facing. Read more on Forbes

Insider Perspective: Tracy Chou

Tracy Chou is a Software Engineer and the founder of the Block Party app. Tracy recently shared how her own experiences with online harassment prompted her to build an app that actively fights against Internet bullies and trolls. Read about Tracy’s app Block Party on Science Focus. P.S. Block Party is currently hiring Software Engineers so if their mission aligns with you, apply here

Innovation as a design discipline

Camila Diaz is Head of Product Design and Research at Moonpig, an online greeting card company. For Camila, innovation became a bit of a theme during the early months of the pandemic at Moonpig. She shares how the design team used problem-solving in a time of crisis and gives tips for designers on how to make innovation part of your design discipline. Find this story on Econsultancy

Reimagining the designer to developer handoff 

The handoff of a project from designers to developers can be a dreaded part of the design process. But, it doesn’t have to be! UX Designer Shane Doyle has found that tokens have helped improve the process on his team. Tokens can be used to store values in a design system. They can represent colors, typography, and more. Learn more about how to use tokens to improve your team’s process on Built In

Building a positive software team culture

It’s never too early to map out your desired career path. If you see management in that future, you’ll find this piece on building positive software development team culture interesting. Kate Wardin, Senior Engineering Manager at Target Corp., shared six management characteristics that can help build a healthy team culture. Read this story on TechBeacon

Meme of the Week: “Wow… just… wow”

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