Kenzie News Roundup 4/2/21

Kenzie News Roundup 4/2/21

We examine software engineering challenges, the relationship between UX and SEO, and the design of Twitter Spaces. This is your weekly Kenzie news roundup. 

Users showcase their power 

As the users of products, apps, and websites, we have power. After all, the whole point of UX design is to ensure the user has a good experience using said products, apps, and websites. A recent example of user power influencing design can be seen in Slack’s walkback of its new DM feature. The feature would’ve allowed people to DM others outside of their own workspaces. Users quickly expressed their discomfort with this feature, pointing out the ways it could lead to harassment. Read this story on Marketplace


UX and SEO (search engine optimization) go hand-in-hand when it comes to a website’s success. But, just how do they work together? These two practices both prioritize mobile-friendly features, easy site navigation, content headings, and fast load times. Learn more about how you can up your SEO and UX game on Entrepreneur

The phases of prototyping

Need a refresher on the phases of prototyping? This short read has you covered. Like author Jenna Walter states in the article: “The more you get immersed in prototyping phases, the more your UX designer skills advance.” Find this UX refresher on IMC Grupo

Seeing the bigger picture

Some of the best Software Engineers have a knack for grasping the bigger picture in their organizations. This helps them put their own contributions into context. Benjamin Durham-Kilcullen is the Director of Engineering for Steele Compliance Solutions. For Benjamin, a good engineer doesn’t just have stellar coding skills, they also think like a business analyst. He believes that when Software Engineers can see their code within the greater goals of the business, both the company and its engineers will thrive. Read more on Forbes

Case Study of the Week: Designing for outdoor e-commerce brands

ZaneRay Group is a web design company based out of Whitefish, MT. While you may be unfamiliar with this company, outdoor enthusiasts will likely recognize the names of brands it designs for: Patagonia, Buck Knives, and Yeti Cycles to name a few. Strategic Director Kirk Cornelius takes us behind the scenes of some of ZaneRay’s most successful design work and how it’s improved e-commerce performance. Find this story on Built In

Insider Perspective: Maya Gold Patterson 

Maya Gold Patterson is a Product Designer at Twitter. She designed Twitter Spaces, a live audio conversation feature that recently came out on the app. In a recent interview, Maya talked about how she used self-teaching methods to learn design, her experiences as a Black woman in tech, and the design process for Twitter Spaces. Find this Q&A on Essence.  

Growing pains

Software Engineers constantly work to solve the world’s problems through code. Along the way, they may face a variety of technical challenges in between them and delivering on development projects. Four Chicago-based engineers shared some of the recent technical challenges they’ve faced, how they solved them, and ways they leveraged the experience for professional growth. Learn more on Built In

Meme of the Week: “For designers, there’s a BIG difference”

ux and seo

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Alexa Goins

Alexa Goins

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