Kenzie News Roundup 10/2/20

Kenzie News Roundup 10/2/20

Programming as art, software leads the sustainability movement, and we examine unconscious bias in the workplace. This is your weekly Kenzie news roundup. 

The personal impact of project-based learning 

At Kenzie, we know how effective project-based learning can be — it can give students agency in their education and help sharpen critical thinking skills. Project-based learning also challenges students to “learn from life.” For 3 young students, a portfolio-based curriculum helped them process personal experiences regarding misinformation and racial justice. Read this powerful story on EdSurge.

Programming as an art form 

Think software development is a purely technical task? Think again. Sabal Technologies’ Director of Engineering Jesus Bello asks organizations to see the creativity that exists within the field. In this piece, he argues that the software development life cycle strays from engineering’s traditional rules. Instead, Jesus posits creative thinking and technical practices come together in the art of software development. Peep this one on Forbes

Software powers the sustainability movement

Love the planet? Love tech? (Of course you do or you wouldn’t be reading this news piece). Check out this story about Conor Kelly, Senior Software Engineer and Sustainability Lead at Microsoft. He’s heading up a project in Dublin to generate electricity through the use of solar panels. The project is predicted to produce enough energy annually to power the equivalent of 68 Irish homes for a year. Read more about how software is at the forefront of the sustainability movement on Microsoft

UXpert of the Week: Shalin Amin

Shalin Amin is the Chief Experience Officer at Zumper and the former Head of Design at Uber. In this in-depth interview, he shares how he solved some of Uber’s biggest UX problems and how he plans to improve UX at Zumper. Learn more about Shalin on Built In

Impress your boss 

Remote work comes with its challenges and its perks. Whether you love it or hate it, WFH is here to stay so learning how to be good at it is important. What are the keys to remote success? By cultivating a few soft skills, you’ll be well on your way to impressing your boss (and maybe even landing that promotion you’ve been eyeing). This one’s written by Kenzie’s very own Alexa Goins — enjoy. Read more on

Who serves your cake? 

This is the question Dr. Adriana Dominguez hopes you’ll ask yourself. She explores a frustrating workplace experience in this thoughtful article on unconscious bias. This week at Kenzie, we’ve been reflecting a lot on the topic of unconscious bias. Our staff recently participated in a diversity and inclusion training that was uncomfortable and vulnerable, yet extremely informative. We invite you to reflect with us by checking out Adriana’s story on Inside Higher Ed

Hot take of the Week: Why Netflix prioritizes pay 

Netflix pays a pretty penny for its Software Engineers, outpricing its competitors for the same positions… We’ll wait while you browse their latest job listings. Recently, CEO Reed Hastings explained his reasoning for this: “the best programmer doesn’t add 10 times the value” but “more like 100 times.” Reed’s theory reminds us of an interesting debate around the idea of the “genius” engineer and how to measure the value one adds to a company. Read about it on Dice

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Alexa Goins

Alexa Goins

Alexa Goins is the Content Marketer at Kenzie Academy. Before she joined the field of higher education marketing, she worked as a journalist and taught English in the South of France. When she’s not writing, you can find her reading non-fiction works, doing embodiment yoga, or planning her next trip to Paris. You can find more of her work at

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