Kenzie News Roundup 1/15/21

Kenzie News Roundup 1/15/21

2021 job search trends are here, teachers get creative with digital lessons, and we look at the top tech TEDtalks. This is your weekly Kenzie news roundup. 

Learn the ins and outs of job searching in 2021

Experts say landing a job is going to look a little different this year. If you’re currently on the job hunt, take a few minutes to learn about the “next normal” of job placement. Among new 2021 job search trends are a growth in internal talent networks, a renewed emphasis on digital presence, and an increase in online networking. Check out this story on Fast Company

Peering into the crystal ball 

With each new year, there are more opportunities to innovate. Tech reporters are taking a peek into their crystal balls to predict what the state of technology will look like in 2021. From potential policy changes for tech companies to a reduced focus on gadgets, the possibilities are endless. Find these predictions on The New York Times

Cultivating self-awareness

Cris Beasley was a UX Designer and Product Manager for 15 years, working for companies like Mozilla and Sequoia Capital. Eventually, she even founded 3 tech startups of her own. But after her companies folded, Cris was left burned out by her overachieving lifestyle. So, she decided to take a less traditional path and become a healer, uprooting her life from San Francisco to Chiapas, Mexico. While we may not all feel inclined to pick up and move to the forest, Cris’ story serves as a great reminder to be mindful of the ways we’re moving through our work and personal lives. Read about her journey of cultivating self-awareness and rest on Forbes

Make a habit of it 

The most notable tech products all have one thing in common: they effectively hook the user and create sustainable user engagement. They leverage the psychology of habit formation to successfully engage the user. As a UX Designer, you have the power to use this psychology to solve problems and help your users. So, how can you create winning products that help your user solve problems and form healthy habits? Product Designer Eva V. breaks down the 4-steps to designing habit-forming products. Read her blog on UX Planet.

Let’s (TED) talk about it!

Kick off 2021 with a little inspiration from the tech industry’s greats! Writer Kisan Tamang put together a list of the top 10 TED talks for tech enthusiasts. With talks on the poetry of programming and learning to code, you don’t want to miss this list on JavaScript in Plain English

Top 10 tech job skills for 2021

Burning Glass Technologies recently conducted a study entitled “Skills of Mass Disruption: Pinpointing the 10 Most Disruptive Skills in Tech.” The study examined more than 17,000 skills demanded in over 1 billion job listings, with the hopes of uncovering the 10 most disruptive skills in tech. Skills like parallel computing, IT automation, and software development methodologies were among the top 10. Learn more on Forbes

TLDR: “Teachers on TV? Schools try creative strategy to narrow digital divide.”

When learning went digital at the start of the pandemic, many students without access to Internet or digital devices at home were left in a bind. Educators across the country worked to fix this by creating grass-roots, teacher-led television programs. Kids in Chicago, San Francisco, and several other cities have been able to keep up with learning efforts through these shows. Learn more about how a few teachers made their television debut in this long-form story on The New York Times

Meme of the Week: “Please be sure to update your carrot peeler”

meme of the week 1-15-21

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Alexa Goins

Alexa Goins

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