8 Inspiring Podcasts for Women in Tech

8 Inspiring Podcasts for Women in Tech

Seeing ourselves in others can be highly motivating when it comes to our career potential. That’s why mentorship and the success stories of people breaking into the tech industry often leave us feeling empowered to kick ass and take names ourselves. 

Get your daily dose of inspiration by queueing up these podcasts by and for women in tech. In them, you’ll hear the stories of successful women in tech and discover new resources to leverage on your own journey into the tech field.  

Git Into It

Kenzie Academy alumnae Jai Amanda leverages her background as a psychologist to unpack tech topics from a psychological perspective. Git Into It has covered topics such as UX, intentional design, and self care.  Listen to this show on your podcast app of choice. 

Women in Tech Podcast

The Women in Tech Podcast is hosted by Espree Devora of WeAreLATech and was created to inspire women in the tech community to chase their tech dreams. It features interviews with UX and UI Designers, Software Engineers, investors, founders, and tech journalists. Recent guests on the Women in Tech Podcast have included Machine Learning and Blockchain Developer Alishba Imran and I Heart NoCode Founder Colleen Brady. Learn more about Espree Devora and the Women in Tech Podcast here

Women in Tech with Ariana

Women in Tech with Ariana is a great resource for women in tech. Alongside show guests, host Ariana discusses the latest tech news and shares advice on entrepreneurship, funding, and navigating the tech industry as a woman. Inspiring interviews have featured Alisha Arora, the 14-year-old conducting research at MIT’s Artificial Intelligence Lab, and B. Pagels-Minor, a Product Designer and the Global Lead at Black@Netflix and Trans* at Netflix. Learn more and listen to the latest episodes here

Witty: Women in Tech Talk to Yasmin

Witty, which stands for “Women in Tech Talk to Yasmin,” is a monthly podcast dedicated to sharing the stories of women in the industry. Host Yasmin worked in tech for a few years and made a point to attend networking events for women in tech. At these events, she found there was a message being repeated: women are at a disadvantage in a male-dominated industry. She was simultaneously working with brilliant and successful female leaders, so she decided to create a show highlighting the amazing work women are already doing in the industry. Witty has featured interviews with angel investors, Bumble founders, Instagram Data Scientists, and Netflix recruiters. Learn more about this show here

The Women in Tech Show

According to its website, The Women in Tech Show is “a podcast about what we work on, not what it feels like to be a woman in tech.” Recent guests have shared about storytelling, education, and leadership in technology in addition to diving deep into their latest projects in software engineering, product design, artificial intelligence, and more. The show is hosted by Edaena Salinas, a Software Engineer at Microsoft and the Producer of the 5 Minute Mentor podcast. Learn more about The Women in Tech Show here

She Talks Tech

She Talks Tech presents stories and insights from some of the top female leaders in the industry. In it, you’ll hear about topics like neurodiversity, fintech, robotics, and remote working. Recent episodes have featured professionals in data science, machine learning, and DevOps. Scroll through the episode library on the WeAreTechWomen website

Her STEM Story 

Prasha Dutra hosts Her STEM Story, a podcast and masterclass on finding success in the STEM professions. Prasha has helped foster conversations in the tech community and has interviewed over 125 women in the STEM professions since launching the podcast in 2017. Recent episodes have covered topics like why women leave STEM careers, how to balance the PhD life, and personal branding in STEM. Find Her STEM Story here

Women Tech Charge 

Women Tech Charge is a podcast developed by the UK’s Evening Standard newspaper. The show is hosted by Dr. Anne-Marie Imafidon who is the CEO of Women Tech Charge features candid and sometimes funny conversations with CEOs, investors, mathematicians, and more. Tune in to hear stories of eureka moments, failures and triumphs, and about all of the ways technology is transforming our lives. Listen to this show on Spotify or your podcast app of choice. 

Git Cute Podcast

Git Cute is hosted by Software Engineer Jocelyn Harper. Jocelyn wanted to create a digital space for tech discussions and career advice without the “humdrum and heaviness” of technical jargon. Reviewers of the show appreciate Jocelyn’s ability to discuss current events from a tech perspective as well as how she brings a human element to tech discussions. Listen to this podcast on the Git Cute website

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Alexa Goins

Alexa Goins

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