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7 Tech Companies Hiring in Portland- January 2021

7 Tech Companies Hiring in Portland- January 2021

Looking for jobs in Portland, Oregon? Portland’s local technology scene is growing thanks to so many startups bursting onto the scene. Whether you want to work amongst the hustle and bustle of downtown or in the popular Boise-Eliot neighborhood, chances are you’ll find a sweet gig in our great city. 

Move over, New York and San Francisco — Portland is here to keep tech weird. So, PDX job seekers, go check out these 7 tech companies hiring in Portland


We can’t discuss tech companies in Portland without mentioning eBay. While the multinational e-commerce giant was founded in San Jose, California, it also has offices in Portland. Want to help facilitate C2C and B2C sales? Join eBay’s Portland staff! The company boasts generous benefits such as sabbaticals, stock purchase plans, wellness plans, and skills-based volunteer programming. Currently, the company is hiring a variety of software development employees ranging from Java to Android specialists. Access new listings on the eBay job board

CDK Global 

Oregon-based CDK Global provides technology solutions for vehicle and heavy equipment dealers in the transportation, construction, agriculture, and marine industries. The CDK Global dealership management software helps businesses streamline efforts by providing data and tech tools. Currently, the company is hiring .NET Developers, Software Engineers, and Front End UI Developers. Learn more about open positions or set a job alert on the CDK Global job board

Big Zeta 

Big Zeta works in the B2B space, providing custom and standard technical products designed for engineers by engineers. Big Zeta services include analytics, content management, demand generation, product information, strategy, and web design. They also offer a number of design tools and SaaS products. The company has offices in Boise and Portland and, they’re hiring new team members. Find open jobs on LinkedIn.


Another startup that’s recently received a lot of attention is Oregon’s Airship. Airship is helping enterprise brands level up with its customer engagement platform. The multi-channel platform is designed to help brands leverage user information and messaging to meet their business goals. Find your next Product Manager or Information Security Analyst job in Portland on the Airship job board

Portland-based provides asynchronous, virtual care for our current cultural moment. The company was founded by physicians who understand the demands of modern healthcare. Want to help transform healthcare as we know it? Apply for a job at their Oregon office. Find open roles here

Jama Software 

Jama is a product development platform for automotive, aerospace, consumer electronics, and industrial technology teams. Jama is big on benefits and shows it through perks like allowances to cover fitness and phone bills. The company is dog and bike-friendly so you can bring your furry friend to the office (post-COVID) or park your bike in the dedicated, secure indoor parking area (also, post-COVID). This month, the company is hiring across several departments and office locations. You can find recent openings for the Portland office here


Looking for tech companies to empower you and let you flex your design and creative muscles? Add Instrument to your list of potential employers. Instrument is a full-service agency, helping businesses step up their game through creative, consulting, and engineering services. They’re hiring a variety of roles in Portland, New York, and remotely so be sure to put your application in! Join the Instrument community by looking through current postings here

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