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2021’s Best Tech Jobs: This Year’s Most In-Demand Roles

2021’s Best Tech Jobs: This Year’s Most In-Demand Roles

Want to level up your career? With the tech industry growing so quickly, there are so many in-demand roles available for people new to the field. If you’re considering changing careers, chances are you’ve wondered which tech role you could pursue. Well, look no further. 

Today, we’re breaking down some of the tech roles listed on Glassdoor’s 50 Best Jobs in America list to help you figure out where you fit into the tech industry. Read on to learn more about the best tech jobs in 2021.

Best Tech Jobs 2021

Software Engineer

No matter what type of tech job you’re looking for, chances are you’re familiar with Software Engineers. Software Engineers use analytical thinking and problem-solving skills to build websites and applications. If you’re interested in becoming a Software Engineer, you can take a tech certification program which will teach you the skills needed to land an entry-level or junior developer role. These engineers work across industries, so you’ll find them deploying apps and websites in tech, health care, government, and so many other kinds of organizations. Right now, tech companies and other businesses are looking to hire 40,564 Software Engineers across the country. 

Job satisfaction: 3.8/5

Median base salary (for mid-career professional): $110,245

UX Designer

UX design is the dream job for those who want to mix creative skills with “people skills.” UX Designers leverage empathy, design, and psychology to create products, websites, and applications that are intuitive and aesthetically pleasing. They focus on creating a seamless user experience for their target users, focusing much of their work on usability and accessibility. Today, many UX Designers come from a wide variety of industries including marketing, psychology, business, and graphic design. You can get the skills you need to become a UX Designer in a certification course. There are currently 4,122 open positions qualified candidates could apply to today. 

Job satisfaction: 4.0/5

Median base salary (for mid-career professional): $90,881

Front End Engineer

Front End Engineers build the front-end (or client-side) of a website or software program. They use their knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, frameworks, coding languages, and UX/UI to complete their day-to-day work. Front End Engineers can get the skills they need to succeed through a certification program or coding bootcamp. Whether you’re looking for an entry-level or more senior role, you can find the job of your dreams in one of the 6,978 current job openings. 

Job satisfaction: 4.0/5

Median base salary (for mid-career professional): $81,360

Back End Engineer

If you can see it from the front end, wait until you see it from the back end. Back End Engineers work with Front End Engineers to create stunning and functional websites. Unlike their front-end counterparts, these engineers are responsible for building the back end (or server-side) of a website. Back End Engineers typically learn the necessary tech skills for the job through coding programs, self-study, or traditional higher education programs. Back End Engineers are in demand with 3,001 job openings available in the U.S. 

Job satisfaction: 4.3/5

Median base salary (for mid-career professional): $90,757

Java Developer 

Java Developers work with (you guessed it) Java. Java is a programming language that’s incredibly well-known and well-loved, which makes these developers in-demand. They’re responsible for integrating and maintaining Java applications throughout an organization. To work as a Java Developer, people can earn a tech certification or even a bachelor’s degree in computer science. Experience is super important for these roles so aspiring Java Developers need to continually hone their skills through projects and independent study. There are currently 10,103 job openings for Java Developer roles in the United States. 

Job satisfaction: 4.2/5

Median base salary (for mid-career professional): $90,830

Data Scientist 

Data Scientists combine skills in math, science, and business to analyze and interpret data. To work as a Data Scientist, you typically need a bachelor’s degree in data science or a related subject. However, data science upskilling programs and bootcamps are beginning to become more widely available and accepted in the field. Right now, there are 5,971 job openings for Data Scientists in the U.S. 

Job satisfaction: 4.1/5

Median base salary (for mid-career professional): $113,736

Product Manager 

Product Managers leverage skills in communications, marketing, management, and software development to oversee their product team as they work to develop and enhance products. According to Glassdoor, Product Managers are “tasked with finding the why, what, and when of a product.” Aspiring Product Managers can get the skills they need through certification programs in product management or degree programs in business or a related subject. Those interested in this growing field can take heart knowing there are around 14,515 job openings in the U.S. right now. 

Job satisfaction: 3.9/5

Median base salary (for mid-career professional):  $121,107

Enterprise Architect

Looking for a role where you can create business plans and enact broader company goals through tech? You may want to consider becoming an Enterprise Architect. Enterprise Architects manage the infrastructure of a company’s IT platform. Operating from a security lens, these tech professionals create processes and documentation on IT procedures. There’s much growth in this role as many Enterprise Architects advance to IT Director or Chief Information Officer roles. To become an Enterprise Architect, you should develop skills and seek education in coding and information technology. As of today, there are 10,069 job openings on Glassdoor. 

Job satisfaction: 4.0/5

Median base salary (for mid-career professional): $131,361

DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineers use coding and engineering knowledge to develop and deploy systems within a company. They’ll evaluate a business’ technology and identify ways to improve systems. People who work in this role usually get their start through software engineering and DevOps tech programs and bootcamps, or through more traditional degree programs in computer science. Right now there are 6,904 job openings in the U.S. Submit an application while the market is hot! 

Job satisfaction: 4.0/5

Median base salary (for mid-career professional): $110,003

Information Security Engineer

Information Security Engineers create software to help protect technology systems and electronically stored information. These professionals use cybersecurity and programming skills alongside script-writing language proficiency to build and monitor security systems and processes. Information Security Engineers typically have educational backgrounds in cybersecurity, IT, or software engineering. You can work towards landing one of these roles by enrolling in a certification or bachelor’s degree program. People with existing qualifications can apply for one of the 5,621 open positions today.

Job satisfaction: 4.0/5

Median base salary (for mid-career professional): $110,000

Mobile Engineer 

Mobile Engineers are responsible for creating the addicting and life-changing apps on our smartphones. These tech pros leverage skills in iOS development, Javascript, Android Studio, and Restful API (to name a few) in order to develop, deploy, and maintain mobile applications. Mobile Engineers are breaking into the industry through a variety of educational pathways and positions aren’t limited to traditional degree holders. You can gain valuable career experience and technical know-how in a bootcamp, tech training program, or through self-study. The future looks bright for aspiring Mobile Engineers as there are currently 4,631 job openings in the U.S. 

Job satisfaction: 4.1/5

Median base salary (for mid-career professional): $94,301

Salesforce Developer

Salesforce Developers are web developers who specialize in solving problems in Salesforce software. These developers work with programming languages, technologies, and software programs. Much like Software Developers, Salesforce Developers build and maintain websites and applications within a company. Those interested in becoming Salesforce Developers should learn software engineering fundamentals, coding languages, and be committed to continued learning. Browse through the 3,346 job openings to make your next career move. 

Job satisfaction: 4.2/5

Median base salary (for mid-career professional): $89,098

Automation Engineer

Automation Engineers build automated machines. You’ll most likely find these pros working in fields like manufacturing or in other industries where robotics are involved in daily operations. In addition to building the machinery, Automation Engineers analyze the effectiveness of machines and conduct maintenance and repairs. Automation Engineers usually need a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and CAD (computer-aided design) software proficiency to be successful. Up and coming Automation Engineers can now apply for the 4,123 current job openings in the U.S. 

Job satisfaction: 4.1/5

Median base salary (for mid-career professional): $86,445

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning Engineers design automated software to create predictive models, and work alongside Data Scientists to enter data into the models they’ve discovered. These tech professionals typically need a bachelor’s degree in computer science to get started. Apply for one of the 2,977 open Machine Learning Engineer job roles. 

Job satisfaction: 4.1/5

Median base salary (for mid-career professional): $104,837

Solutions Engineer

Want to combine your passions for sales and tech? Use your communication skills as a Solutions Engineer. In these roles, tech professionals work with clients to identify their hardware and software needs, deliver product presentations, and install tech solutions for clients. Solutions Engineers have training in software engineering or computer science, as well as good communication skills. Currently, there are 2,654 job openings in the U.S. 

Job satisfaction: 4.2/5

Median base salary (for mid-career professional): $90,942

Cloud Engineer

Cloud engineering is among the list of technology careers that could help you rake in 6 figures. These cloud computing professionals work to create and maintain cloud systems and software to keep businesses and systems running. To become a Cloud Engineer, it is essential to be well-versed in cloud architecture, scripting, Python, Linux, JavaScript, and Azure in addition to being Amazon Web Services certified. You can apply to nab one of the 5,482 open Cloud Engineer roles today. 

Job satisfaction: 3.9/5

Median base salary (for mid-career professional): $105,565

Product Designer

Product Designers often perform job responsibilities spanning UX, UI, project management, and coding. They oversee the product creation process from design to development to marketing. These tech professionals conduct product and market research, create design concepts, and iterate on designs of the product in question. Currently, there are 2,420 product design job openings on Glassdoor. 

Job satisfaction: 4.1/5

Median base salary (for mid-career professional): $104,120

What tech careers are you most interested in this year? We hope you explore all of these various paths and take action to make the career change that feels right for your unique talents, passions, and professional curiosities. 

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