Cohort 3 Software Engineering
Students Get Their Front-End Certificates

By Matt Cummings, Indy Campus Director
January 18, 2019


The Software Engineering Students of Cohort 3


Another week, another graduation -- that’s at least what it seems like here at Kenzie Academy. Exactly one week after we graduated our very first cohort of Software Engineering students, our Cohort 3 Software Engineering students graduated with their Front-End Web Development certifications. This is awarded to students 6-months into Kenzie’s Software Engineering program. As of January 18th, 2019, the students of Cohort 3 can now officially call themselves Front-End Developers!

As soon as everyone took their seats, I gave my opening remarks and commended the students for their 6 months of incredibly hard work.

Next on stage was Software Engineering Instructor David Michael Gregg (A.K.A. DMG), where he came up to offer up his congrats and his words of wisdom; as did Associate SE Instructor, Taylor Hurt.

Software Engineering student, Austin Levine, accepting his Front-End Web Development Certificate from Matt, Taylor & DMG

Software Engineering student, Austin Levine, accepting his Front-End Web Development Certificate from Matt, Taylor & DMG

After the instructors gave their congrats, Matt opened up the floor and gave the Software Engineering students an opportunity to share their successes and experiences during the first 6-months at Kenzie. One by one, the students also shared what Kenzie meant to them and the impact it made in just 6 short months.

“Enrolling in Kenzie Academy 6 months ago was one of the easiest decisions I’ve ever made.” says Software Engineering student, Austin Levine. “From creating an Instagram clone to learning how to network, Kenzie really teaches you the skills to be successful in today’s tech scene. Having the ability to talk to instructors that have already been in the tech scene expedites the programmer mindset.”


A BIG congratulations to Software Engineering Cohort 3

The next 6 months will be full of new and interesting challenges for these students as they venture into the realm of back-end web development. There will be plenty of ups, downs and lots and lots of growth. We truly can’t wait to see what they all come up with!

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Awesome Pictures from the Big Day!


Matt Cummings

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