The Road to Becoming a Software Engineer: Cohort 2 Graduates

By Travis Herring, Senior Community Manager
April 25, 2019

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The Software Engineering Graduates for Cohort 2

Recently, we celebrated, not one, but TWO graduations from our Software Engineering program. Software Engineering Cohort 2 graduated with their full-stack engineering certifications after 1 full year of instruction; while SE Cohort 4 graduated with their front-end certifications after 6 months. Although they have 6 more months ahead of them, everyone in SE 4 is on their way to becoming a software engineer.

Indy Campus Director, Matt Cummings, kicked off the festivities with his opening remarks; congratulating all the students for their months of hard work and dedication. Next, Matt directed everyone’s attention to the television to watch a “farewell video” created by the instructional staff for Cohort 2.

“Remember your ABC’s, ‘Always Be Coding.’” Software Engineering instructor, David Smith says. “It’s like a muscle. Every day you don’t exercise your skills, those skills (that muscle) atrophy.”

Following David, came Senior Instructor, Joe Kaufeld’s words of wisdom. “As you join Corporate America, you’re going to make mistakes -- and that’s okay. “ says Kaufeld. “As a Junior Developer, your job is to learn. Your job is to continue making your skills great. Lean on the support structure that you have once you leave Kenzie. Talk to me, talk to your co-workers, talk to your peers who are in the position you’re trying to be in. They were once Junior Developers too. And if there’s anyone you can ask for support, it’s them.”

Cohort 2 graduate, T.J. Hindman addresses the audience.

Cohort 2 graduate, T.J. Hindman addresses the audience.

Last, but not least, was the Director of Instruction (Software Engineering), David Michael Gregg -- or DMG for short. ““Mentor new developers. You’re not going to be sitting around with quite so many Jr. Developers -- but when you find them, group up with them and help them along.” DMG says. “If they’re not that far behind you, take that opportunity to stretch your leadership muscles and help someone learn as you learn.”

Next, Chok took to the stage to offer his words of advice to the students of SE 2 and SE 4. On top of encouraging students to continue learning and networking, he also expressed how proud he was to see how far they’ve come in their education at Kenzie Academy.

Finally, SE 2 student, T.J. Hindman took to the stage to talk about the impact Kenzie Academy had on his life. After briefly attending a traditional 4-year college, T.J. discovered it wasn’t for him. The process to get a degree took a long time -- partly due to the elective courses that were irrelevant to this major. Additionally, T.J. had always been interested in working in the world of tech. T.J’s experiences not only gave him the credentials to be a Software Engineering, but gave him the opportunity to work alongside us. Starting right after graduation, T.J. was hired on as a Software Engineering facilitator.

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Travis Herring

Travis Herring is a Senior Community Manager at Kenzie Academy. After graduating from the Ball State with a degree in Entrepreneurial Management and running several startups himself, he spent his early career connecting entrepreneurs and startups to one another to help them grow and scale. Travis now enjoys doing the same for our students as they pursue careers in tech and navigate opportunities. You can connect with Travis on Instagram or LinkedIn.