Back-End Web Developer

6 months



Students learn the skills to be versatile, Back-End Web Developers. Back-End Web Developers develop the logic and database layers of a website or web application, and the connectivity that enables the front-end and back-end to communicate together.



Students learn to develop production ready end-to-end web applications. Students will learn to scale back-end applications, consider performance of the application, and understand security best practices to reduce an application’s vulnerability to hacking. 

The program covers Back-End topics including:

  • Python
  • Flask microframework
  • Shell scripting to automate builds and deployment
  • Introduction to virtual machines and/or containers
  • Data modeling best practices
  • Advanced use of relational databases and SQL
  • Django framework
  • Empirical performance measurement
  • Introduction to algorithmic complexity
  • Introduction to application security
  • Server side image processing (e.g. recompression and thumbnailing of user-uploaded images)
  • Logging and analytics
  • Caching
  • Load balancing across multiple application servers
  • Sharding of databases