Automation Alley & Kenzie Academy are teaming up
to bring high-tech skills to Michigan


Employees of Automation Alley member companies can now receive the Kenzie Experience. As the Michigan partner for Kenzie Academy, Automation Alley member companies now have access to exclusive training through Kenzie Academy, an innovative school for the digital economy focused on software engineering, UX engineering and digital marketing. Kenzie’s unique programs deliver custom opportunities for employers. As it is nearly impossible to fill all jobs from your current talent pipeline, up-skilling and re-skilling your existing workforce is critical to your company’s success and sustainability.

The Kenzie Model:

  • Students attend Kenzie on campus or online for 6-12 months.

  • Students pay no upfront tuition until you get a job earning $40,000 or more. Otherwise you walk away and owe us nothing.

  • Students enrolled at Kenzie have access to a part-time tech support job that works around your course schedule. Best of all, you can work from home.


The Kenzie Experience

Kenzie training was intentionally designed around YOU, the learner!!  

  • Curriculum by Industry Experts: Our curriculum is designed by ex-Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Linkedin employees. You’ll be learning the skills employers want NOW.

  • No tests. No lectures. No textbooks: At Kenzie, you’ll learn by doing. You’ll work on real projects everyday and build a portfolio that’ll impress your future boss.  

  • Supportive Community: Kenzie Academy is a family. We'll always go the extra mile to ensure your success.

  • Earn College CreditCSU Global will award college credit for your training.

  • Jobs of today and the future: We focus on training talent to meet the demands of new economy jobs, jobs that would create the automation and innovation for the future.



Sample Kenzie Software Engineering Program

You’ll learn to create and deploy front-end web applications in an agile business setting. We’ll teach you to:

  • Break apart interesting problems and design engaging solutions.

  • Design, create, and modify static web pages that conform to HTML5 specifications.

  • Analyze the client-side performance of a web page to better understand the consumer experience.

  • Imagine, create, and deploy interactive and mobile-friendly applications for the web using the latest webtechnologies; including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, (ES6+).

  • Pair those skills with back-end technologies, like databases and Node.js, as well as developer tools, like Bash, Git, and automated tests.

  • Understand how to effectively work and collaborate on a software project, and how to interview confidently.


Build a Portfolio as You Go

Along the way, you’ll also create a portfolio of individual and team projects and practice communicating effectively on the job and in an interview setting.


When You Start Your Job as a Software Developer

You’ll be building and maintaining modern web applications!

I had literally no background in coding at all. At Kenzie, I was able to prepare myself to do something completely different. I don’t think prospective students should be afraid about not having a background in coding or math. They can do it because Kenzie will help you do it.
Lea Ellingwood, Software Enginer, Kenzie alumni

Lea Ellingwood, Software Enginer, Kenzie alumni