Kenzie’s game-changing apprenticeship program enables students to transition from learning to working upon completion of their immersive training. We curate a set of mock projects that expose students to a variety or real world problems.

Students report to a technical manager and work in a collaborative team setting. Students learn how to interact and set expectations with mock clients. Students gain valuable workplace skills in critical thinking, creative problem solving, empathy, and communications.

Students develop their portfolio and hone their technical skills during apprenticeship. Students can choose an area of specialization and continue to develop deep expertise while working on relevant projects. Those who are ready for job placement may exit the apprenticeship at any time and receive their final certificate.

The apprenticeship is free for existing students and generally unpaid. We focus on providing last-mile work training to better prepare our students for job placement. Students who are ready to jump-start their careers can skip the apprenticeship or exit mid-point when they land a job.


Software Engineering Apprenticeship

12 months optional

The Software Engineering Apprenticeship is an optional 12 months program for students who completed their Front-End and Back-End Web Developer training. Apprentices will apply their skills in front-end and/or back-end web development to build applications and solve real-world problems.

Apprentices report to a technical lead and also get occasional guidance from a senior architect and other industry mentors. The senior architect and mentors would also double as mock clients or stakeholder for the projects.

Apprentices work in an Agile development environment. You will use industry-leading project management tools such as Pivotal Tracker or Jira, and other popular software development tools such as Git, VS Code, SSH, NPM, PIP, Flake8, and Pipenv. These tools are generally used by many tech employers thus giving our apprentices an edge during their job placement.

UX Engineering Apprenticeship

12 months optional

The UX Engineering Apprenticeship is an optional 12 months program for students who completed their UX Design and Front-End Developer training.

Students apply their user experience design, information architecture, and front-end coding skills to design and develop user-centric applications.

Apprentices will work closely with senior designers and industry mentors who double as advisors and mock clients. Apprentices will not only apply their design and coding knowledge, but also acquire soft skills in managing client expectations and advising clients on user experience best practices.

You will also work with industry-leading tools such as Sketch, InVision, Git and others that is popular with many tech employers, thus giving you an edge in your job placement.



Digital Marketing Apprenticeship

6 months optional

The Digital Marketing Apprenticeship is an optional 6 months program for students who complete the Digital Marketing training.

Apprentices apply their knowledge in marketing and leverage a set of tools to work on real-world campaigns for non-profits or organizations of their choice.

Apprentices work under the guidance of a marketing manager and in a collaborative team environment. You also get to pick an area of specialization and focus on honing your expertise in that area for the campaign.