Kenzie Academy Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to know how to code in order to attend Kenzie?

Absolutely not! We’re looking for self-starters who are curious about technology and like working with diverse groups of people. Our students are driven problem solvers who can handle when things get tough and who enjoy being part of a collaborative tech community. Kenzie is open to all applicants with the right attitude and enthusiasm.

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Do you offer courses in-person, online, or both?

We offer courses in-person at our downtown Indianapolis location, as well as online. Online students participate alongside on-campus classes via video conferencing.

*Due to the current health risks posed by COVID-19, the Indianapolis campus is closed, and all of our programs are online until further notice.

What are the program hours?

Software Engineering is completely online. You will have weekly check-ins and access to a dedicated advisor who will help you create a customized learning plan on a schedule that works for you. Your customized learning plan may include weekly check-ins, zoom tutoring sessions, office hours, and group projects. There are weekly due dates, and you should expect to spend 30-40 hours a week in the student learning experience. Based on your personal circumstance and how you are performing in the program, your advisor can provide guidance on how many hours you can work while still keeping up with the coursework.

UX Design is a part-time, flexible program that will require you to be in class two evenings a week and one Saturday a month. The program hours are 6 p.m. – 10 p.m. Eastern, Monday to Thursday. The hours on Saturday are 1 p.m. – 5 p.m., Eastern. This program is built for working professionals to continue working while getting the education they need to grow in their careers.

How long is the program?

Our Software Engineering program is 9-12 months long, and our User Experience (UX) Design program is 6 months long.

The Software Engineering program is broken down into 2 sections: Software Engineering Fundamentals (3 months) and Software Engineering Development (9 months).

The UX Design program is a part-time, flexible program that focuses on user-centric design (6 months). 

Can I do this part-time?

Software Engineering Program:

We intentionally designed this online program with no set daily class times and multiple collaboration times in the week so we can better accommodate the work and busy schedules of our learners. This course will require 30-40 hours of dedicated time each week to be successful. 

UX Design Program:

Yep, this is a part-time, flexible program to help you get the skills you need to level up. We understand how challenging it can be to juggle work or other responsibilities along with furthering your education. We created the UX Design program to work for you.

How difficult are Kenzie Academy programs?

Our programs aren’t easy, but they also aren’t out-of-reach for dedicated students. Our Academic team of instructors, facilitators, and coaches will guide you through the material and provide help along the way. Our Student Services team also checks in with students to make sure they’re on the right track.

We strive to provide enough support to our students; however, your success depends on you! Don’t enter a Kenzie program lightly — but if you put in the work and take advantage of the resources we provide, you’ll set yourself up for great success.

What do I receive for completing the Kenzie Academy program?

Software Engineering students who complete the program will receive a certificate in Front-End Web Development after completing the first 6 months of the program. They’ll receive a Kenzie certificate in Full-Stack Web Development after completing the second half of the program, which focuses on Back-End Web Development

User Experience (UX) Design students will have a professional portfolio of work to showcase their skills.

What is a “full-stack engineer/web developer”?

A Full-Stack Software Engineer/Web Developer works on both the front end and back end of an app or website. Full-Stack Web Developers will be comfortable with both front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript, which control the appearance of pages in the web browser, as well as at least one server-side language such as SQL. They’ll also effectively use relational databases.

How much does it cost?

Please see the program cost page for a full breakdown of our tuition and payment options.

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Can I apply if I'm an international student?

Yes, you can absolutely apply for our online programs if you’re not located in the U.S., but please remember: Our online programs are live and are not self-paced, meaning students must be online during the scheduled program hours.

Software Engineering: flexible no set class times.

UX Design: 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. ET (or 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. ET for some classes)

International students can choose to pay tuition upfront or via the standard monthly payment.

Where is Kenzie Academy located?

47 S. Meridian Street

3rd floor Suite #302 

Indianapolis, IN 46204

Why did Kenzie choose to collaborate with Amazon Technical Academy?

Kenzie Academy is collaborating with Amazon Technical Academy to provide you with an opportunity to learn through a project-based curriculum designed by Amazon Engineers. Amazon’s mission to have their workforce reflect the diversity represented around the country aligns with Kenzie Academy’s belief that tech education is for everyone, regardless of background or socioeconomic status. Our mission is to level the playing field and provide more equitable access to tech careers, especially for under-served and under-represented communities. Through this program, we hope to make tech roles at Amazon and other employers more accessible to a wider, more diverse talent pool.

What computer should I use for the programs?

Like a carpenter needs their toolbox, an engineer needs the right computer to complete their job. Kenzie Academy has set computer requirements for our Software Engineering program, and most modern computers meet our requirements. 

Our minimum specifications for Mac OS, Ubuntu, and Windows 10 Operating Systems are below. You’ll receive a Computer Requirement guide from your Admission Counselor during your admission process to help you in your decision-making process.

Minimum Specifications:

  • Memory: 8GB+
  • Processor: 2 GHz+
  • Storage: 265 GB+
  • Other: Headset and webcam


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