A Nontraditional Pathway to Your Bachelor’s Degree

By Chok Leang Ooi, Kenzie Academy Co-Founder & CEO

May 9, 2019

Degree Pathways Kenzie and CSU-Global Graphic

“Go to college so you can get a good job.”

“You won’t get anywhere without an education.”

“This position requires a Bachelor’s degree.”

You hear statements like these all the time. Our society is hyper-focused on the traditional college education model as the only pathway to success.

Georgetown University estimates 65% of jobs in the U.S. will require at least some college by 2020, yet there’s a worrying disconnect when you consider the feedback from college graduates in the workforce. According to The Rockefeller Foundation, 49% of recent graduates say they don’t feel they needed to attend a traditional university to get the skills needed for their work, and a whopping 86% report learning new skills outside of their degree anyway.

Even without considering the notorious issues of financing education, it’s clear the current educational environment doesn’t work for everyone.

So, we’re leveling the playing field because everybody should have access to education.

That’s why Kenzie Academy has partnered with Colorado State University-Global (CSU-Global) to create Degree Pathways. Students can attend Kenzie to complete either our Software Engineering or User Experience (UX) Engineering programs. Once you graduate from Kenzie and land a rewarding tech job with your Butler University-backed certification, you can enroll in one of CSU-Global’s online programs. Your Kenzie experience will earn you credits towards a Bachelor’s degree!

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Kenzie’s model makes it possible to begin your tech career with our in-depth programs, certifications, and network of employer partners, but we are also proud to offer this new, more accessible and affordable path to an accredited degree for students seeking this option.

Both CSU-Global and Kenzie value training students for the workforce (rather than studying theory). CSU-Global’s status as a nonprofit and Kenzie’s literal investments in our students via Income Share Agreements (ISAs) mean both of our institutions actively seek successful outcomes for our students, unlike other organizations who get paid just for giving you a degree.

If you’re interested in a traditional Bachelor’s degree, but want a modern, affordable pathway to earn it, talk to our admissions team and check out our Degree Pathways FAQ.

We can’t wait for you to be part of the Kenzie and CSU-Global family!

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Chok is the CEO of Kenzie Academy. He enjoys discovering the latest tech and startup trends and meeting people in the field at various conferences around the globe. In recent years, he has traveled extensively and met entrepreneurs across the U.S. and also in Asia and the Middle East. Follow Chok on Twitter: @chokooi.