4 Ways Part-Time Jobs Can Benefit
Kenzie Students

By Chok Leang Ooi, Kenzie Academy Co-Founder & CEO
December 18, 2018

A majority of students in the U.S. don’t have the ability to earn a steady income while keeping a primary focus on their studies. In fact, 52 percent of college students work at least 27 weeks per year, according to Adobo. We’ve heard from many students that working while earning their certification can be a challenge. That’s why we made it our mission to help students earn a paycheck while in school.

We’ve partnered with world-renowned staffing workforce and services company Kelly Services to provide remote, part-time jobs that work around the Kenzie class schedule and pay almost twice the minimum wage.

Besides the obvious benefit of earning a paycheck while attending school, there are a number of amazing benefits that come with this program:

Flexible Schedule, Worthwhile Pay

Finding a way to fit in a consistent work schedule while attending classes can be challenging. It doesn’t help that most of the part-time jobs you could balance while in school aren’t necessarily “resume builders.”

That’s why Kelly offers part-time, remote roles that give you the flexibility to work from home and around your class schedule. Many of the jobs offered through Kelly Services often pay almost twice the minimum wage. Additionally, students who are hired can work 20-24 hours per week.

Kelly is connected with impactful names in the tech industry, so you know the role you’re working in will be a positive addition to your resume. Plus, the Kelly organization is enthusiastic for internal promotions. If students perform well in their current roles, they will have the opportunity to advance.

Students Attain Hard & Soft Skills

Your role will most likely be in technical support, where you’ll troubleshoot and assist consumers with their immediate needs. Even though it’s a part-time position, you’ll gain a number of incredibly useful hard and soft skills that will, no doubt, prove important in your first job after Kenzie.

Tech support employees attain both hard skills (specific, teachable abilities that can be defined and measured) to help you build upon your craft, and soft skills (character traits and interpersonal skills that characterize your relationships with other people) to help you understand and empathize with the consumer.

Kelly Supports Your Future

On top of these other benefits, Kelly can provide support for students looking for full-time employment, with services like resume coaching and cover letter reviews.

Additionally, forging a relationship with Kelly right now can help Kenzie students build a network for their futures. Kelly as an organization helps many prestigious organizations hire full-time employees, leading to numerous potential connections for Kenzie students to access.

Our partnership with Kelly Services can help relieve some (or much) of the financial strain of studying on a full-time basis -- all while you attain new skills and develop professional relationships.

To be considered for remote, part-time employment, schedule a chat with a member of our Admissions Team now!

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CHok leang ooi

Chok is the CEO of Kenzie Academy. He enjoys discovering the latest tech and startup trends and meeting people in the field at various conferences around the globe. In recent years, he has traveled extensively and met entrepreneurs across the U.S. and also in Asia and the Middle East. Follow Chok on Twitter: @chokooi.