Kenzie Academy is a revolutionary coding and design school in Indianapolis.

Our immersive training programs with apprenticeship—are new alternatives to traditional colleges and short-term coding bootcamps. Students have the option of attending Kenzie in person, or remote via our Online Remote Program

We use flipped classroom and project-based learning to train a new generation of designers, software developers, and digital marketers. Come learn design from a Google designer and coding from a Stanford University Computer Science graduate. Our mission is train the best technologists and provide a pathway towards a rewarding career in tech.

The new Indianapolis-based venture is creating a new type of program that combines work and school to teach nontechies…
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…an educational project aimed at adapting the model to help get Middle America in on the tech boom.


Kenzie Academy Offers Tuition Assistance for Displaced Harrison College Students

September 20, 2018, Indianapolis, IN

When Harrison College closed its doors last Friday, September 14th with very little warning, more than 1,300 students were displaced at the school’s nine campuses across Indiana, with three campuses in downtown Indianapolis alone.

Kenzie Academy, an education and apprenticeship program with its first campus in Indianapolis, is offering to come to the rescue. Chok Ooi, co-founder and CEO of Kenzie Academy, announced today that the school will offer tuition assistance of up to $12,000 to Harrison College students who are admitted into one of Kenzie’s three programs.


Kenzie Innovation Series @ IUPUI

October 18th 4:30-7:30PM EDT 

We've partnered with iupui

Kenzie Academy partnered up with IUPUI for the October Innovation Series. Our very own Chok Ooi, co-founder of Kenzie Academy, will be presenting along with Kenyatta Leal Business Development Specialist at The Last Mile, and Stephanie Geerlings Cofounder & Managing Director at Cloud City Development. They will be presenting on current trends in tech!


Tech Training and Apprenticeship Startup Kenzie Academy Raises $4.2M

Kenzie Academy, a tech training and apprenticeship program, wants to usher in a new era of skills training programs—and has raised a $4.2 million seed round to attempt to so. Kenzie has also teamed up with Butler University, which is an investor in Kenzie. As part of the partnership, students who complete Kenzie Academy’s front-end web development, full-stack web development, and software engineering programs will receive a joint certificate from Kenzie Academy and Butler Executive Education.

Upcoming Classes

Kenzie Academy was somewhat of a missing link, tying together the workforce that is in the pipeline, making sure they are getting the proper training with a 2-year program. Every business today is a tech business as well, and if not, you are probably dying. Folks at Kenzie recognizes that and have chosen Indiana to grow these roots
— Governor Eric Holcomb of Indiana
A $4.2 million investment round has tech training school Kenzie Academy Inc. gearing up for growth. The company, which is headquartered in San Francisco and has its first campus in Indianapolis, is looking to expand its learning tracks and, eventually, its number of campuses.

A new school in Indianapolis is focusing on apprenticeship as a way to skill-up the next generation the tech work force. Kenzie Academy, which is located at the Speakeasy Downtown, says it provides training with an emphasis on networking and job experience through apprenticeship.

Could the tech jobs of the future be filled by the skilled trades workers of the present? According to one of the state's foremost leaders in the tech sector the answer is a resounding yes.

Local organization believes Indy could be next Silicon Valley. The founders of Kenzie Academy say, with the backing from investors at Google and Facebook, the tech industry is ready to explode here in Indianapolis.

 A new Silicon Valley is sprouting in Middle America and Kenzie Academy is developing talent to fuel the tech boom in Indianapolis and the Midwest

A new Silicon Valley is sprouting in Middle America and Kenzie Academy is developing talent to fuel the tech boom in Indianapolis and the Midwest

The economy is shifting away from value creation in manufacturing and agriculture alone and into data, analytics and the Internet of Things. Changing Indiana’s workforce to have relevant skills in that new world will make or break our state for generations. What the Kenzie Academy does completes a critical link in the process of retraining professionals for the data economy, and we couldn’t support more enthusiastically!
— John McDonald, CEO ClearObject