Careers in the technology sector have never been in greater demand. As the technology sector grows at an unprecedented rate, companies are looking for the new kind of employee - one with the skills, passion and purpose to make it in technology. 

Kenzie Academy is pioneering a new model for technology education. We are dedicated to providing the highest-quality education, experiential learning, mentorship, and most importantly, a lifelong commitment to each and every one of our students.


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Kenzie Academy is a tech apprenticeship school focused on education, mentorship, and job placement. Our 6-month to 2-year program is longer than a typical 12-week coding bootcamp. Our program also includes a paid apprenticeship after 6 months. We are founded by tech entrepreneurs with years of experience developing and cultivating talent for startups and major tech companies. 

Kenzie provides an alternative path to building your successful career in tech, with an apprenticeship program offering a new style of education and job placement than traditional universities or bootcamps. Kenzie instructors, leadership, mentors and volunteers are all advocates for our students. Our top priority is job placement upon completion -- either at our Kenzie Studio consulting arm or at other technology companies.

Kenzie students will be able to access the skills and opportunities to build their future in tech.

A new school in Indianapolis is focusing on apprenticeship as a way to skill-up the next generation the tech work force. Kenzie Academy, which is located at the Speakeasy Downtown, says it provides training with an emphasis on networking and job experience through paid projects as a consultant for employers.

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Kenzie Academy: Preparing Indianapolis' Growing Demand for Technology Talent

Could the tech jobs of the future be filled by the skilled trades workers of the present? According to one of the state's foremost leaders in the tech sector the answer is a resounding yes.


Local organization believes Indy could be next Silicon Valley. The founders of Kenzie Academy say, with the backing from investors at Google and Facebook, the tech industry is ready to explode here in Indianapolis.

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The economy is shifting away from value creation in manufacturing and agriculture alone and into data, analytics and the Internet of Things. Changing Indiana’s workforce to have relevant skills in that new world will make or break our state for generations. What the Kenzie Academy does completes a critical link in the process of retraining professionals for the data economy, and we couldn’t support more enthusiastically!
— John McDonald, CEO ClearObject

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Kenzie Software Developer Program

Next Class Starts January 16, 2018

Indianapolis, Indiana

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kenzie hope project

Have a passion for a career in tech but barely making ends meet? Come find out if you qualify for the Kenzie Hope Project, which provides a pathway to high-paying tech jobs for promising individuals with financial needs.

We want to amplify everyone’s voice in creating the future.
— Chok Ooi, Kenzie CoFounder & CEO

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